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Eliminating the Unwanted: Part II

Written by Subject: Genocide

Eliminating the Unwanted: Part II

by Stephen Lendman

Made-in-the USA, there's no ambiguity about the most diabolical plot ever conceived with mass-extermination and instituting social control tyranny in mind.

Its core feature is mass-jabbing maximum numbers of mind-manipulated people throughout the US/West and elsewhere with health-destroying toxins designed with pure evil intentions in mind.

Hospitals, doctors and other medical professionals urging them are guilty of malpractice in the most extreme sense of its meaning.

The Truth for Health Foundation (THF) issued an "urgent Caught on Tape advisory," saying:

On Wednesday, it'll present "shocking recordings of Arizona hospital executives, discussing coordinated plans to restrict fluids and nutrition for hospitalized (flu/covid) patients…"

Their visitation rights are being denied for contrived reasons with no legitimacy. 

They're denied known safe and effective meds to hasten their demise. 

Prisoners incarcerated in America "are given more rights than (flu/covid) patients in" US hospitals.

Instead of assuring that all things health related complies with voluntary consent — as mandated by international law — and doing no harm, according to the Hippocratic Oath, US hospitals and complicit medical professionals are flagrantly breaching these principles unaccountably.

THF attorneys and physicians for medicine as it should be practiced exposed and condemned the following:

Coercion to use health-destroying remdesivir for flu/covid patients — while denying them known safe and effective protocols. 

Restricting fluids and nutrition to more greatly damage lung

functioning and oxygen delivery to critical organs.

Manipulation and coercion of families to permit use of respiratory harming ventilators when not needed for far greater hospital profits.

Denial of anti-inflammatory drugs that further damages lungs.

Denial of anti-virals, antibiotics, and therapeutic doses of blood-thinning meds.

Denial of access to patients by family, pastors, priests, rabbis,

and attorneys.

Using tyrannical law enforcement to deny visitation rights of families attorneys, and patients' own healthcare power of attorney agents. 

The above and more of the same is used with hastening the deaths of flu/covid and other patients — ones designated for elimination by diabolical government and Pharma officials.

According to THF, "(c)ourageous doctors and nurses (are) risk(ing) their careers, their licenses, livelihoods and even their lives" by refusing to be silent about the most diabolical state-sponsored plot ever before conceived with mass-extermination in mind.

They're "speak(ing) out to inform the public with" information that's crucial for everyone to know.

THF president Elizabeth Lee Vliet MD will moderate Wednesday's press conference that'll be streamed live online at noon EDT.

Patient advocate attorney Ali Shultz and constitutional/civil rights attorney Lauren Martel will discuss damning Caught on Tape evidence of abusive practices by hospitals and complicit medical staff.

Noted physician Peter McCullough MD, attorney Thomas Renz, as well as family members of patients left to die from neglect and mistreatment will participate in the press conference.

What's ongoing in the US/West is proof-positive that ruling regimes are mortal enemies of ordinary people at home and worldwide.

Their war on public health and what remains of fundamental freedoms clearly shows their evil intent.

Washington is ground-zero for the diabolical plot.

The illegitimate Biden regime is the gravest ever threat to billions of ordinary people everywhere.

All-out resistance against its pure evil intentions is the only option.

Preservation of health, life and liberty depend on it.

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