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ATF stands for "Always Think Forfeiture"

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H/T to a great American.  Originally posted on Arizona Shooting:
The Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco and Firearms (ATF) wants 2,000 Leatherman Micra pocket tools. OK, fine. How are they going to be engraved?

ATF-Asset Forfeiture "always think forfeiture"

Golly gee, it's not like they need any help thinking about forfeiture of our firearms or anything-- I mean, it's been over three weeks since Cav Arms got raised and the warrant is still sealed.....

Anyhow, a $37,460.00 contract (your tax dollars) has been awarded to (irony, anybody?) "Freedom Enterprises" of Spokane, Washington. 
For more on the Calvary Arms bust and asset forfeiture: