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Real ID is an International Biometric ID Card

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Dear Ron Paul Friends
Today is our first round in our fight to take back our freedoms and this I the biggest OK we can give to those of us who think we are only cattle.
The Real ID Act of 2005
I have important information on it if you want it to use to get informed on this and to inform others. The most Disturbing thing that even surprised me is that this is not a National ID card but an International ID
Mark Lerner was one of the people working on the Read ID Act when his eyes were opened to what this was going to be used for.
Here is only a part of the information I can send you when you ask but this is something we cannot wait on and some we can do right now.  So tell your friends or anyone else what is happen. 
Final Rules
The Final Chapter in a Systematic Plan for a Single Global Biometric ID System
Submitted by the STOP REAL ID COALITION an association of concerned citizens
The REAL ID ACT of 2005 does not create a national ID card but an INTERnational BIOMETRIC ID card
The world is being enrolled into a single global biometric ID system through driver’s license/ID cards (DL/ID cards),
passports and other ID documents. Biometrics, like facial recognition, digital fingerprinting and iris recognition, are
already being used by many states and nations. The federal government attempted to impose biometrics on state ID in
1986i. International biometric plans were laid in 1995ii. Both predate 9/11. The biometrics required by REAL ID,
other security laws, initiatives, treaties and agreements, are not needed tools against terrorism, but the fulfillment of a
global biometric ID system.
On March 1st, 2007 REAL ID’s “Notice of Proposed Rulemaking” (NPRM) was issued, revealing REAL ID’s global
biometric connectioniii. The three main entities driving this system are:
1. The Department of Homeland Security (DHS)
2. The American Association ofMotor Vehicle Administrators (AAMVA)
3. The International CivilAviation Organization (ICAO)
AAMVA is an international association of motor vehicle and law enforcement officialsiv. AAMVA is responsible for
international biometric DL/ID card standards and an international information sharing agreement, the “Driver License
Agreement” (DLA)v. Themost recent AAMVA DL/ID standard is the 2005 “Personal Identification AAMVA
International Specification- DL/ID Card Design.viThis DL/ID standard, DLA and other document standards are
requirements, cited in REAL ID HR418vii and/or NPRMviii. AAMVA’s influence over international, federal and state
DL/ID card laws is evident in REAL ID (mentioned 30 times in NPRMand 150 times in REAL ID final rules 01-11-
08) viii.
A Letter from A Ron Paul Supporter
Dear Friends,

       This is a supplement to what I sent you about the Real ID act*, and the opportunity for us to convince our Assemblymen and Senators to opt out of it here in California , if done before May 11.

       I looked up the numbers, wrote up something, and called both my Assemblyman and my State Senator's offices (both Democratic)

       The response was interested, cordial, not hasty --  and both receptionists thanked me for calling them - they wanted details on the bill I was supporting - the number and what it was called,(AJR 51 by Assemblyman Pedro Nava), my name and phone number. The Assembly office wanted my address and email address, too.   The Senate office said, in addition," I really appreciate your calling.  It would help if you write and send emails also." 

       This corroborates what I have heard before:  Assemblymen do not  receive many calls from their constituents, so they get the impression we don't care what they do!

       And when someone does call, they really appreciate it .   This probably means that one person calling is really speaking for hundreds more voters who don't call.

       A few people calling can make a difference.  So don't conclude that your call will not have an effect.  It will.  One extra call could well be the one that pushes the assemblyman over the top to vote in a certain way.   If they have support from a few voters who represent actually many more than that, they can stand up to lobbyists by saying,’” well, my constituents don't want that."

       So, give it a try. I had to overcome some resistance to do it, but I'm so glad I did.   Emails are still effective, faxes and letters more so, but calls have   the greatest impact I think, especially on a State level. And all three or four are even better.
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Help Repeal the REAL ID Act!
05-09-2007  •  EFF 
REAL ID is fundamentally flawed, and DHS' proposed regulations do nothing to change that. Thankfully, the tide is turning against REAL ID in a big way -- state legislatures around the country are passing or considering legislation rejecting its i  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi
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Real ID has Real problems
10-13-2006  •  PC World 
Chief among the questions: Which machine-readable technology will the new IDs use? The Department of Police Statism, working with states and with DMV agents, was supposed to set up guidelines on this basic but critical topic.  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Jean Carbonneau
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Legislators Against Real ID
10-11-2007  •  L.A.R.I. 
Legislators Against Real ID, L.A.R.I., is a coalition of states formed to put up a united front against the federal governments effort to impose a national identification program. Update Americans on the progress of the Real ID legislation and to act  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Powell Gammill

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NH Legislature blocks federal Real ID
06-10-2007  •  Concord Monitor 
Calling the federal Real ID Act "repugnant" to the state and federal constitutions, New Hampshire lawmakers voted to join other states - including neighboring Maine - in rejecting the federal Real ID Act as tantamount to requiring a nationa  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi

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Czar Chertoff defends Real ID
12-15-2006  •  papersplease 
The Real ID bill that was sneaked into law last year is getting pushed by head totalitarianism czar Michael Chertoff. Slashdot readers a  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi
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Can DHS force Real ID?
08-28-2007  •  Gov Exec Blog 
Much was made of Homeland Security Dept Sec Michael Chertoff's comment last week that residents of states that fail to follow the Real ID Act's requirement to issue more secure driver's licenses will be required to show a passport  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Jean Carbonneau
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New Hampshire REAL ID Protest
03-04-2007  •  You Tube(Video Link) 
Here's the demonstration from New Hamsphire protesting the REAL ID. Featuring the brave Katherine Albrecht, and Don Gorman, who were previous speakers at Freedom Summit  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Jean Carbonneau
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FAQ: How Real ID will affect you
12-28-2007  •  By Declan McCullagh 
President Bush is expected to sign an $82 billion military spending bill that will, create electronically readable, federally approved ID cards for Americans. The House of Representatives overwhelmingly approved--which includes the Real ID Act--on Th  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Powell Gammill

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Some states are welcoming Real ID
02-11-2007  •  Wired 
Even as rebellion grows in some state capitals against the looming Real ID mandate from Congress, proponents speaking Thursday on a panel at the RSA Conference could barely contain their enthusiasm for putting standard government-issued ID cards  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Jean Carbonneau

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The Identity Project’s Comments Against Real ID
05-18-2007  •  Papers Please 
Real ID requires states to act as Federal agents in the unwise policy of turning our transportation systems into a dragnet for law enforcement. Americans must increasingly prove they are not on secret government lists in order to travel or generally  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi

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Real ID + False Opposition = HB2677
02/20/2008  •  We Are Change AZ 
Arizona missed an opportunity on Tuesday to become the 1st State in the nation to refuse Real ID. While some states have passed “resolutions” of non-compliance, HB2677 would have enshrined the prohibition into AZ law, a line not crossed by the other  Read Full Story
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Chertoff threatening harassment against those who oppose Real ID
08-16-2007  •  CNN 
Americans may need passports to board domestic flights or to picnic in a national park next year if they live in one of the states defying the federal Real ID Act....  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi

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Ask your Senator TODAY to keep Real ID out of Immigration bill
06-06-2007  • 
Their latest trick is to declare that if you are a citizen of a state that rejects Real National ID, you won’t be able to legally hold a job. (Of course, preventing innocents from supporting themselves is unconstitutional, violating a fundamental fre  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi

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Real ID standards expected in 2 or 3 months
10-24-2007  •  FCW 
The Homeland Security Dept's delay in releasing the standards for states to implement the Real ID Act seems to be coming to an end. Stewart Baker, DHS's assistant secretary for policy, today said it was a matter of months before the agency  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Jean Carbonneau

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Idaho Becomes Second State to Reject Real ID
03-08-2007  •  ACLU 
The American Civil Liberties Union today applauded Idaho for becoming the second state in the nation to reject participation in the Real ID Act. That law, enacted in 2005, lays the foundation for a national identity card.  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Terry Bressi
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Homeland Security proposes delayed Real ID rollout
01-12-2008  •  Cnet News 
WASHINGTON--If the Bush administration gets its way, all Americans will be required to present Real ID-compliant identification documents--or risk facing "inconveniences" at airports and federal buildings--by 2017.  Read Full Story
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Reported by: Ernest Hancock

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I've only just learned about Biometric ID since my driver's license is about to expire in 2 weeks and I've heard I must now get a 'Real ID'.. I live in Arizona now but my license was issued in Maryland. Is there any way to opt out? Thank you!