Article Image New Hampshire is CRUSHING IT in National Rankings

New Hampshire is CRUSHING IT in National Rankings

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Just check out these national and international rankings:

cato rankings

^ Cato Institute's ranking aggregates a variety of freedoms within both personal and economic spheres of all US states.


^ Fraser Institute's ranking, in contrast, focuses on economic freedoms alone and includes all of North America.


And ^ WalletHub's ranking is called the "TaxPayer ROI Report," which compares tax rates to the quality of state government services and then ranks which state residents get the most "bang for their buck."

Considering a move to the Free State yet? Or maybe just a visit? Read on.


Announcing Free State Tours

Always wanted to tour the Free State, but wished someone else would take care of the, well... everything?

Free State Tours aims to do just that and is kicking off their launch with a bus tour of New Hampshire's beautiful Seacoast. Seats are filling up, so check out this link for event and pricing details.

Not interested in the Seacoast, but more in other areas of New Hampshire? Stay tuned for future tours of different regions in upcoming months!

bus tour

Seen in the Free State ???? 

murphys taproom tuesday

Do libertarian meetups take up entire sections of restaurants where you live? If not, it's time to check out the Free State Liberty Calendar and plan your visit.

v movie night

Or maybe whole movie theaters -- do libertarians in your town take up those? Here's a recent 120+ attendee movie viewing party.


Or maybe whole reception halls -- do libertarians take up those in your town?! Here's RebuildNH discussing the building of parallel economies.


Free State Project Discussion Gets 2 Million+ Views

The FSP recently got thirteen minutes of airtime on a multi-hour TimCast featuring Joe Rogan, Alex Jones, Michael Malice, and more!

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Liberty Forum Tickets Now Available!

Can't wait for PorcFest in June 2022 to get together with thousands of like-minded people?

Neither can we.

Luckily, Liberty Forum is in March. As both events are likely to sell out, now is the perfect time to reserve your spot at the most happening libertarian events in the world.

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Buy Tickets to PorcFest

Did You Know?

The New Hampshire Liberty Alliance (NHLA), a non-partisan coalition that reviews all major proposed legislation in the state, recently published that during the last legislative session, 175 representatives voted in a pro-liberty manner at least 85% of the time.

That's almost 44% of the total 400 members!

Considering a move here, but need a job first? Check out:

The Free State Job Alert on Facebook

A handy guide to landing a job in New Hampshire

This heads-up form to let us know you plan to visitintroducing yourself and letting us show you around just might be the key to finding your perfect job!


Deep-Dive into NH School Choice!

This week on PorcChat is special guest Kate Baker, a pioneer in New Hampshire school choice. Get a deep look into the state's expanding options for children to attend private school, religious school, public school, or home schools / micro-schools.

kate baker
Watch Kate Baker on PorcChat