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Water Pump with Brown Gas

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Lost Tech --- or Hidden?

A decade or so ago I remember seeing an African village having their water pumped to them via a simple Solar panel powered HHO (Brown Gas) pump. Other videos showed shooting a column of water out of a 2" PVC pipe up like a geyser over 30 feet and would cycle in 5 - 10 seconds. I remember it being titled 'God's Pump'. But then no matter what I searched a couple years later it wouldn't show up.

HHO Pump - God Pump - Solar - Hydrogen - Africa etc etc etc in many combinations and nothing. Then today I thought to look again and came across this 30 second video from Russia (snuck in I guess).

I'm posting Graphic and video here so I can find it again... but I'm certain I did this before but can't find on my site either. Over the last decade there have been other water pump designs that are useful in OffGrid settings like the Ram Pump.

HHO or Brown's Gas was all the rage a decade ago to increase MPG for your car with an HHO gas generator but critics were claiming it was impossible due to the Laws of Thermodynamics (Energy from Alternator cracking the water molecules negated any benefit) buuut several friends did get MPG improvements. I suspect that the HHO allowed for a more complete combustion of the fuel. But maintenance of the system was a pain and modern car computer sensors didn't like it, but Diesels were more successful and development continues. (The Truth About HHO - Does It Really Improve Your Mileage?)

HHO Welding Torches is a very cool application of the tech as well...

But it was the Simple Water Pump that was stricken from The Internet for some reason. It's simple, effective and cheap. So I'm archiving this info here... 'cause I can :)
Water pump with brown gas

And another of the Russian's Videos using HHO

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