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If I were to run for state office, this would be my speech to the Republican party

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Ladies and gentlemen good evening. My name is Tom Westbrook and I am running for Arizona State legislator. I have a degree in Electrical Engineering From Brigham Young University and fifteen years experience working in the high tech industry for companies such as Motorola and Intel. I am a trained and experienced problem solver and am currently running for political office because I have come to the realization that the majority of problems that face our country today are not technical but political.

Most are aware of the dire state that our political system is currently in. Our party is split. On one hand we have traditional conservatives remaining loyal to the values traditionally held by the Republican Party; that of individual responsibility, sovereignty, a humble foreign policy, and limed government. On the other had we have modern or neo-conservatives who are compelled by an ideology with left-liberal origins and roots founded in Trotskyism. These new ideas have lead us away from traditional values and toward results such as preemptive war, imperialism, loss of habeas corpus, secret prisons, torture and a transfer of legislative and judicial powers to the executive branch. We have become accustomed by way of a consolidated special interest corporate media to the use of fear and terror to separate us from traditional Christian values and appeal to our base and rash sense of judgment and emotional response. I remain in the former camp of conservatives rather than the latter and will seek to unify the party around such. Without a constitution, we are no longer a nation based on laws that are divinely inspired, but a nation ruled by lawless tyrants.

Our federal government has trampled nearly every facet of our constitution. It provides illegal appropriations designed to undermine the sovereignty of our state. We have wide-open borders with border patrol agents designed for show. We infringe on the sovereignty of other nations by having 702 bases in 130 countries. We are at war with an enemy that does not want to give up its sovereignty and natural resources. We have a congress that votes to illegally transfer power to declare war from the legislative branch to the executive branch not sanctioned by the people. We are in the process of moving to a North American Union without the consent of the people. I don't think I will encounter much opposition when I make the following statement: OUR FEDERAL GOVERNMENT IS CURRENTLY IN BREACH ON ITS CONTRACT WITH WE THE PEOPLE.

Desperate times requite disparate measures. Nothing short of a revolution is worth mentioning. The word revolution stems from the word revolve which means to return to whence one was. In our case this means to return to a constitutional government. I have been an activist for the last year and have been involved and at the forefront of a revolution; a revolution between the ears in the words of one - Ernest Hancock. I'm sure everyone has seen the signs around town and for that matter around the country. Many people at first I'm sure saw the signs and thought it was the coming of a rock band. People eventually figured out that it was for a presidential candidate which we knew of course would not be covered by the main stream media; hence the signs to bypass the media and take the truth directly to the people. And now, many people I'm sure think the revolution is over. But I am here today to tell you that it was never really about a presidential election, it was about an idea; an idea that once was; an idea that was divinely inspired; an idea of freedom, liberty, and a constitutional government. Folks, it brings me great pleasure to tell you that the revolution is not going away--no, far from it; but it has just begun and it is what brings me here to you today.

Our founders had a profound foresight and provided us with a provision in our constitution for the situation we are currently in; in other words, when the electoral process no longer continues to work. This is guaranteed us in the first amendment of the United States Constitution and is the right to petition the government for redress of grievances. Even in historical times of crown rule, individuals were allowed to petition the King for a redress of grievances. If we are even remotely close to a free nation, then will be provided the same. Even though the United States Supreme Court took time the hear the case for Ana Nichole Smith's bankruptcy, when Bob Schultz of 'We the People' foundation presented his case for a redress of grievances they chose not to hear it. If you elect me to be your legislature, the first item on my agenda will be to present a bill to the house that will suspend the collection of federal income taxes in the state of Arizona until such time as when the United States Supreme court elects to hear this case and provides acceptable remedy for the grievances listed therein which is required by the United States Constitution. As long as the Federal Government is in breach of contract with 'We The People' then no federal income tax will be collected.

The second item on my agenda will be to re-deploy the Arizona National Guard from guarding foreign boarders in Iraq and Afghanistan to guarding the boarder here between Arizona and Mexico.

The third item on my agenda will be to repeal federal mandates imposed on schools and replace them with a state mandate to teach constitution classes that our citizens at a young age might learn their responsibility and be better equipped to “govern the governors”.

Ladies and Gentlemen I hope you will stand with me in this endeavor to reassert our state sovereignty, I don't believe we can solve our state problems, budget and others, without first restraining a rogue and in breach federal government which spreads it corruption like a virus to our state and local governments that ultimately undermines our sovereignty and electoral process. Thank you and may God bless and help us with the task placed before us of restoring the divinely inspired American Republic.

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Run, Tom! Run!!!!