Article Image Love Bus Liberty Tour - August 2020 - Jackalope Freedom Festival

Love Bus Liberty Tour - August 2020 - Jackalope Freedom Festival (AZ), Maine, U.P. Michigan

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Love Bus Liberty Tour - Auguest 2020 - Jackalope Freedom Festival

After Porcfest/Forkefest, we head back to Jay Noone's at the domes in Weare, NH where we arrange for the tow car, a 2006 Jeep Liberty, to be painted to match the bus. In the meantime, we head to AZ for the Jackalope Freedom Festival

On our way back to AZ from NH...

Just like old times. L to R: Lon Weber, Bob Anderson, Erenst Hancock, Mike Dugger:

Prepping a freshly caught fish for breakfast:

June's Cafe -- Heber-Overgaard:

Sunday morning service at Jackalope held by Phil Gustafson, retired Lutheran Minister and the father of our son-in-law:


Kingsley Edwards (Flote) and Ernest Hancock:

Kingsley Edwards and Erin Nakamoto getting married at Black Canyon Lake, AZ (Jackalope Freedom Festival) August 8th, 2020:

Ernie and Donna heading back to New Hampshire from Phoenix, AZ - this is Sky Harbor Airport in Phoenix - it's a ghost town:

This time, we couldn't board the plane unless we put on a mask...

Back in Weare, NH we get the Jeep Liberty tow car back from getting a fresh paint job - looking good!

Working on the bus again - this time, the new steering box needs to be installed:


August 16, 2020: After the steering box was put in, we were ready to get back on the road to continue the tour, but no more than a mile from Jay's in Weare, NH, we had a major problem - the seal blew and oil was spewing out of the engine. We took a chance and drove it back to Jay's where it had to be towed to a local shop for an engine rebuild. See pics of the breakdown below:

Following the bus - it was blowing white smoke really, really bad:

So.....we rented Tarrin Lupo's RV and went up to Derrick's in Maine to get some sign stencils made:



Stencil production and sign-making are in full swing! And, the banner material finally arrived! - Many smaller signs were made of each kind of sign while we were waiting for the larger banner material to arrive. Examples of placement of those signs are included in the images below. 

The signs were put up early Monday morning (August 24th, 2020) in Bangor, Maine = they got the message! We are including a graphic of the stencils used to make the signs. However, we will be reformatting the graphics and uploading the files a little later (hopefully by Wednesday Aug 25) so that you will have them to make your own stencils (there are several methods for making stencils that we will detail in future posts).

The stencil material was recycled from old shipping crates donated from Derrick's friend (been saving this material for years, and now it has been put to good use, and makes great material for laser-cutting stencils). Also, there was a bunch of old political coroplast signage (and wire posts) that were saved from previous campaigns that were recycled and re-used, and old paint leftover from previous construction projects that we used to paint over the old signs with a fresh coat of paint to provide a clean template for the stencils. The only cost for this was the electricity to run the laser and for the spray paint. Derrick acquired the laser-cutter in exchange for wiring up the LOVE Bus, building and constructing the studio, assembling all the components, and making sure everything was integrated and in good working order.

We will be circling back to Bangor in a couple weeks for more studio upgrades, signs, and activism. We are also learning about our newly purchased drones and other equipment that will be part of the process. We will stay in New England for a short time then head to the pacific northwest  by mid-September.

The banner material (below) came in large rolls; 61"wide; 250 yards for white, and 100 yards for 

both blue and yellow rolls. This material will be used to make larger versions of the signs we have been making this past weekend...Additional designs are coming, and we are requesting suggestions that may be added to the mix. Submit your ideas/requests to publisher_at_freedomsphoenix_dot_com. 

Selected signs were purposely targeted for hospitals, police stations, court buildings, fire stations, and their employees' parking lots. Busy shopping areas, such as home improvement stores and busy intersections and malls, were heavily targeted. By the end of the business day, they were all still in place and likely will remain until "someone gets the memo." And then...there are the Karen's. It will be interesting to see how long they remain. At the beginning of the Ron Paul LOV3lution, signs remained up for weeks. Then there was "policy" forced from on high. We will keep you updated on what happens and by whom/what, if possible.

When the LOVE Bus returns to Bangor Maine, we will include several interviews of locals to describe the campaigns' impact. We will do our best to continue this follow up across the country over the next year. This issue, and several others we are certain, will need our attention so we may demonstrate the effectiveness of localized street activism, and the power of general public opinion in each community.

At every stage, we will provide all of the files, list of tools, methods, and techniques so you can replicate and improve upon our examples. We have already received many requests for stencils and materials. The shipping costs for even the minimum orders are from $50-$80, which we are reluctant to cover but for the most seasoned activists we know will make good use of the material and it will be a good investment.

An alternative would be to coordinate with us a sign-making event for your local community with a visit from the LOVE Bus with all the goodies, live-streaming, radio show, website, drone coverage, interviews, community spot light of even the smallest hamlets, villages, and towns that are often plagued with tyrannical shiny badges and oligarchs. We'll bring the LOVE and the fun, for even a day or slightly longer, if required. We are traveling across the northern U.S. during the summer and working our way south later in the year. We will be focusing our time in our home state of Arizona from Thanksgiving til the first week in January to be with our family and give Arizona some much needed love. Over the next year, we are certain to be close enough to help any community in need of some love, but we need notice and it coincide with a general path that we intend (which is generally nighttime sleeping weather on the bus for us). Special circumstances and occasions can alter our plans. Please contact us with details. 

From the far northeast Bangor, Maine, upper Michigan, far northwest Blaine, Washington, San Diego across the desert, the southern tip of Texas, and even Key West, FL, outer banks of the Carolinas, and all places in between. We might even make it to Alaska next summer if Canada and the U.S. come to their senses.

Our schedule is filling up very quickly and it's just begun, so don't wait; there are only so many days. We have sourced all our supplies and our primary mission is the opposition of mandatory vaccinations, while also helping to support property rights, since we plan on settling in Arizona after this adventure. Hope to be free and left alone.

Ernie and Donna

Stencil PDF's

Alone PDF

First Responders PDF

Hugs Over Masks Canada PDF

Hugs Over Masks Stencils PDF

Look At Me PDF

Look At Me2 PDF

Skull Stencil PDF

Smile PDF

Smile2 PDF

We have been corrected on our grammar - this should read "First Responders Who Say No To Mandatory Shots. This will corrected on future stencils and signs. Thanks to the person who pointed this out!






Back on the road again...

Ernest and Donna Hancock take The LOVE Bus to the Upper Peninsula of Michigan and will be staying at the Gitche Gummee RV Park from August 27-30 [UPDATE: The LOVE Bus is in the shop for repairs, so we will be using a different RV for the next two weeks and unfortunately, the bus won't make it to Gitche Gummee. However, we are bringing lots of supplies to make signs with - see the pictures below for our recent activism, creating and making signs, and putting them up all around Bangor, Maine!]

GOING THRU PA: Oceans of cornfields thru out the Pennsylvania countryside:


Many farms across PA


Pics from the trip from Maine to Michigan - picking up supplies along the way:

5 x 230 mesh Silk Screens - Emulsion  (photo sensitive coating for burning transparency image into screen) - 100 Coloplast signs and stands - Ink, Black and Red - Cleaning Solvent - Emulsion Applicator - Squeege. 

Michigan activists want a high production setup along with the Large Sign setup at their acre home lot for motivated friends and family (they have vaccine damaged family members).... soooo, we're going to Get The Message to their communities while making instructional videos and graphics for the several methods we will be showing them and tool lists.

Now getting a small digital projector for the Water Proof Wallborad method for LARGEST Signs :)

Oh, it's  sooo on!


Crossing bridge to get to Upper Peninsula of Michigan

Settled into our site at the Gitche Gummee RV Park and Campground in Marquette, MI:

Here are some pictures from the RV Park:


Call to Reserve!

Office: (906) 249-9102

Cell: (906) 250-6123


2048 M-28, Marquette, MI 49855

Lake Superior across the street from the campground:


We met up with Ric and Josh Curp (father and son) who live outside of Detroit. They wanted to help with this sign campaign and message, and we had them on the show Friday Aug 28th. Here are some pictures of them making signs (in the rain, no less!):






Saturday/Sunday August 29-30

Making signs all weekend - these will go up around Marquette, Michigan early Monday morning (Aug 31). It was cold and VERY windy all day and night - however, it's never a bad to go surfing!


The Men came in as the storm picked up and the weMEN took over:


Monday August 31

Signs put up around Marquette, MI early Monday morning (about three quarters of the ones we put up are still there at about 4pm)...