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Gallup Daily: Clinton Moves Into Lead Over Obama

Written by Subject: Eugenics
This entire theatrical production called the "2008 Presidential Election" has always been about Hillary Clinton's Coronation.
As we get closer to the end of the process you will see data like this.
After the Republican Convention (should McCain hold on,... which is still in question in my mind) you will see him implode like an empty milk carton taken to 20,000 feet under the sea. McCain was selected for that role (those of us from Arizona especially see this).
Obama just adds to the theatrcal aspects of the campaign and offers no real "change". Even bigger government and expense, no reduction in the role of government in our lives and no challenge to the 'Cult of the Omnipotent State'.
The real battle is going to be at the Republican national Convention where the supporters of Ron Paul will make an effort to free as many minds as possible by demonstrating support for the biggest change ever offered a liberty starved populace.