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A Reader's Perspective on Buffalo Shooting

Written by Subject: Gun Rights

(Publisher: An interesting perspective from a reader)

"he wrote and posted a 180 page manifesto that nobody noticed(?), said he was "radicalized" by the internet(?), did research to figure out where blacks shopped(?)... and now says the covid vaccine made him do it(?)...

the roe v wade thing was failing as a pre-election polarizer...the disinfo czar thing was getting ready to be shot down...musk was going to allow free speech on social media...the war propaganda was becoming so transparent that even the NYT had changed its tune...and this shortly after the dhs director couldn't name a single white supremacist shooting when questioned by congress...this, so far, seems remarkably similar to the aurora shooting...I wonder who his relatives work for...I wonder if he 'disappeared' for about a month before the shooting...I wonder if this will be one of those funny trials you never hear about (like holmes and tsarnaev) when the 'perps' get taken alive...smells PRS'sy...

wow...this is an 18 year old?...that's an info/agenda-rich manifesto (followed by a pointless [non sequitor] act of violence) for a kid...and a quick response on the need for policing the internet by the NY governor...this seems to be an all-purpose event that has the potential to serve TPTB well..."