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How can you have a REVOLUTION without Bad Guys?!!

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How can you have a REVOLUTION without Bad Guys?!!
As the 2008 electoral cycle exposes a process designed to maintain and enhance power for those that have it, I can't help but feel great satisfaction.
The r3VOLutionaries of 2007-08 have come to understand many of the same realizations and emotions of other revolutionaries throughout human history. America's history was particularly well documented with the writings of individuals with first hand knowledge of what happened and why, written in our own language and recently enough so that the real meaning of what was being said could be clearly understood.
As a young man with a young family in 1989, I was 'awakened' by the blatant lies that exposed to me what was in store for my children as they came of age (they are now 18, 19, 21 & 22 with the oldest engaged to be married). While there were many that clearly saw the effects of bad guys with power, it was almost unheard of to come across another that understood it was power itself that attracted those of the worst character.
I met my first libertarian almost 2 years later and was overwhelmed with a flood of understanding and the comfort that I was not alone. It also became obvious that the many battles to free/enslave individual minds has been going on for at least all of recorded human history using every method available. By 1994, it became clear to me that the Internet was the new 'printing press' and that it was perfectly suited to the decentralized mindset of libertarian activism. At the same time, it was clear that the Libertarian Party and many other 'freedom collectives' would be necessary targets of those with the desire to wield power and/or have any challenge to their already accumulated power diminished.
Unknown to me at the time was a husband and wife team from Texas that had for many years been doing battle with those that would enslave the minds of men. Over the years, I have come to realize that human nature is such that there will always be idealized icons of freedom that will rise to the top of our collective conscience. There will always be a parade of Thomas Jeffersons, Ghandis, Rosa Parks, Martin Luther Kings & Neos to free us from a Matrix that has grown past its endurance. While Ron Paul didn't create the r3VOLution, he did provided individuals focus and an opportunity to express themselves due to his consistent and well articulated positions in support of individual liberty.
Decades of face to face battle with the planet's most powerful influence (the United States Government) included Dr. Paul's communicating with many that had come to understand the world as he had. What was not clear to many was just how deep that understanding had gone into the America's popular culture. By the mid 90's it was becoming more obvious to those in the trenches of the freedom movement that the people were responding to the idea that the individual not only had rights that should be protected but, that when properly inspired, the people would demonstrate their latent power. These traits were most apparent in the free-market of box office sales for blockbusters like Braveheart, The Matrix, The Patriot, Gladiator, Lord of the Rings and many other films. Year after year of popular culture made it very clear that the timeless story of “individual rights in opposition to collective tyranny” would be supported. But this time that support would be more interactive than a purchased theater seat.
Ron Paul and his close allies of many years didn't know what was to happen with his race for POTUS in 2008, but I guarantee that they recognized it for what it was. 'A spontaneous uprising of individual minds in support of the individual over the collective'.
But there is a problem that must be well understood to avoid the trap that was set from the beginning.
Using any “system” to oppose that system is very problematic. But if well understood from the beginning, without any illusions, we have a unique modern day opportunity to make use of immediate communications to highlight where weaknesses are in the system and expose them.
The entire political system is based on the idea of “legitimacy”. Once that legitimacy is eliminated, the rest of the system falls and the immediate scrambling for a replacement is begun (of course to always be in the control of those that lead the original). Lies, deceit, and the propaganda tools used to spread them, are becoming well documented and can no longer be counted on to be as effective as they once were. So, the use of very LARGE distractions can be expected (for this we must be prepared,... and know that it is a sign of their losing control).
The Ron Paul r3VOLutionaries were never under the control of a central command,... or even Ron Paul. As long as he represented the message of freedom, the freedom message supporters would continue to advocate his representation of their views until it was impossible for them to do so.
Still able to express themselves in this election cycle at a local level, 'r3VOLutionaries' have come face to face with a system created to provide the legitimacy required for the current system of government to have a chance to function. For generations we have had our petitions for redress responded to with admonitions that we needed to write more letters to legislators, file more lawsuits, financially support more organizations, participate more in the political process etc. And those of us that have done these very things, over and over, know the entire process is rigged. Hundreds, thousands and even millions of individuals around the world have learned in one year what many of us have known most of our adult lives ... our governments at all levels are not representative of the America that we are promised.
I am of the opinion that the clear and illegal efforts of Republican Party officers and their masters have provided all of us a great service by providing us with a renewed understanding of the truth of things (Democrats and even Libertarians are guilty of the same abuses when the interests of those in power are at stake). Their efforts for a short term victory have permanently damaged their long term viability due to the elimination of their 'legitimacy'.
I support all of the efforts to get as many Ron Paul delegates as possible to the RNC convention this September, but for more than just the fun to be had at the convention itself. The exposure of a corrupt system used to provide a veneer of legitimacy for the world's media audience is of more value to the freedom movement than I think most realize. It is this threat to the system's legitimacy that has prompted the revealing of all manner of efforts to oppose the Ron Paul supporters.
For each of us there is a Future of...?
If Ron Paul keeps doing what he's doing, then we'll keep doing what we're doing.
My personal focus has been to free as many minds as possible. The past year has been very satisfying for me, my family and my friends. While others create ulcers for themselves over the actions of 'the system', I take great pleasure in the fact that finally the electoral process with all of its faults are being clearly exposed and documented for future generations to understand and hopefully correct.
My greatest hope is that we come to the same realizations of men like Thomas Jefferson and Thomas Paine and Patrick Henry, that it is the collectivization of power itself that is the enemy, at least as much as the Bad Guys that control it.
Even the Libertarian Party itself is not immune to the dangers of the collectivization of power and influence, and many of us are engaged in our own battles to spread the message of individual freedom where most would think it unnecessary. And there will come a time when the Ron Paul campaign for POTUS will stop and another entity will take its place bearing the name of Ron Paul with his support. But the real power will always remain in the message of individual freedom and in the individual supporters of that message.
I can't imagine a “Central Plan for Freedom”, but I can imagine an America where the individual is free to plan for their future and the role of government is to make certain that we are left alone to do as we wish in peace with our neighbors. To that end we strive.
Spreading the LOVE,
Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix