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I Need A List of Family Entertainment

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I'd like your help on something: I'm looking for television shows or movies that are suitable for children. In other words, I don't want war, death, trauma, or bloody heroes. Rather, I want images of loving families, habits of success, and growth… shows that edify.

Finding such shows has proved difficult for me. Even "wholesome" shows like Little House on The Prairie have a lot of episodes that I find far too dark and tragic for younger children. Too dark and tragic for me, to be honest about it.

So, wadda ya got? I'm open to anything and everything that works. Thanks!

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This is an ideal one to crowdsource! My friend uses his house mates' wi-fi to get all kinds of programming through Roku and other sources; also there is Rick's Satellite which has exclusively Christian / family / clean programming and no monthly fees. Movie suggestions: 'Kidco,' 'Wilderness Family,' 'Swiss Family Robinson' and 'Johnny Tremain'. And whatever happened to Miss Liberty's recommendations? Used to communicate with them! Have a cool summer!!