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Ron Paul & John McCain: Of Delegates, Ads and Votes

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They Still Love Huck and Paul

NY Times

In most cases, winning nearly 73 percent of the vote would be considered a blowout. But for Senator John McCain it could be cause for concern, given that he has been the presumptive Republican nominee for more than a month now....

Finally - a Good Ron Paul Antiwar TV Ad!

Jim Bovard's blog

The folks at American Liberty Coalition have crafted a powerful antiwar ad ["High Tide"] promoting Ron Paul for president [that played on TV in Pennsylvania]. This minute long ad conveys Ron Paul’s passion and his concern about the ruinous costs of the current wars and the peril of Bush attacking Iran....

What’s this? Ron Paul tops McCain?

The Columbian

Some weird things happened at last Saturday’s Clark County Republican convention at Prairie High School, where it was demonstrated that democracy is too important to be left to party activists....

Ron Paul Revival (Amid GOP Decline)

American Conservative

Not only did he get 16% of the GOP vote in Pennsylvania — his best showing yet in a primary — but Ron Paul has also been quietly picking up delegates to the Republican National Convention, although Republican officialdom has tried to make matters as difficult as possible for Paul delegates at county and state conventions.... The steady grassroots progress of the Paul revolutionaries has GOP insider Patrick Ruffini very worried....