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Dr. Murray Sabrin's 1st TV spot - "Legalize Freedom"

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I am more than willing to promote another freedom oriented candidate's efforts here on FreedomsPhoenix without hesitation. But there has been a long string of pent up frustration that is long over due a release.
The Ron Paul Revolution has had several components that have experienced different levels of success. Within hours of learning that Ron Paul was willing to attempt the feat of injecting freedom rhetoric into the 2008 election cycle I was “all in”.
At a dinner party very early in 2007 I remember a very well known anarchist/libertarian and close friend warning me of the damage that could be done by legitimizing a system that was flawed at the core. I took his concern very seriously,... since I agreed. The Ron Paul Revolution had 2 main parts in my mind,... the part that would use revolutionary thinking in support of a candidate and the part that would make use of a candidate to support a revolution.
From the beginning I made it as clear as possible to as many people as possible using as many media outlets as possible that I was far more supportive of r3VOLution than I was in support of legitimizing a system, designed to prevent the opportunity of a peaceful revolution promised with each election.
Murray has made no mention of the r3VOLution that I know of in relation to his campaign but has counted on the promotion of his endorsement by Ron Paul. And I am certain that many candidates would love to have the support of Ron Paul for their electoral efforts. But after seeing this TV spot I have to wonder what is the criteria?
I guess you should watch it first to appreciate my comments:
Good/Bad – Inspiring/Uninspiring – Misleading/Educational – Relevant/Irrelevant are subjective terms that only those that experience the TV spot can comment on. Across the country and on YouTube I saw similar spots for Dr. Paul and various print material that mirrored the style of this commercial.
For the past year I intentionally focused my energy on helping individuals express themselves in support of a message of freedom. Often times their message was not supported by the Ron Paul campaign. But I was much more concerned with their willingness to express themselves and learning how to do it peacefully than I was the exact manner they chose to do so. I was often known to defend the inexperienced activist's efforts to express themselves while offering options rather than criticisms. I was so happy to see such enthusiasm that I was willing to overlook even tragic efforts to communicate a message to their neighbors. In time we all learned what worked and became better freedom fighters in the process.
It is in this spirit that I make some observations about some of the material that has come out of the Ron Paul campaign and this TV ad from Mr. Sabrin.
To take too seriously my effect one way or the other on any campaign is to give me far more credit than I am due. But to my readers on FreedomsPhoenix with whom I share this type of campaign/promotional material I feel at least a small obligation to comment rather than to allow my silence to be perceived as an endorsement of this sort of ad.
With that said....
WOW, does Dr. Sabrin need help. I cringed when I saw other similar commercials over the past year in support of other freedom candidates (and there were a few).
Who decided that immigration was the number one issue,... Fox News? In all federal race commercials I have yet to get the impression that government sanctioned torture is a bad thing, that War Crimes have been committed, that election fraud is to be taken seriously, that 'Global Warming' should be questioned even a little bit (while people hunger from the policies adopted), that the Drug War is a big FAT Lie, that gun control is about control, that we are rapidly evolving into a fascist police state that can declare us an enemy of the state and disappear anyone without ever knowing what happened to them (just to mention a few).
These are suppose to be freedom campaigns, right?
The best TV and radio commercials of 2007 and 2008 were done outside of political campaigns by those that understood what stirred individual minds. If we need to look to Gallup or Rasmussen to determine what should be debated then we don't deserve to lead. Even calling Registered Voters bombarded by Faux News is a false and shallow reading on reality.
Generalized statements that have to be decoded only produce confusion and certainly don't inspire. Making the primary objective to 'not offend' anyone makes for a very boring and noneducational message.
The initial opposition to the r3VOLution logo took a lot longer to quiet than many realize. It was the overwhelming support of individuals outside of traditional politics that determined what best represented what they were feeling.
Now I think that being more specific is useful at this time. Around the country I see very creative messages that drill in on what is important to those willing to get out and share their opinions. I hope that the r3VOLution of the past year has encouraged many to seek avenues that will allow them to challenge the idea that worshiping an all powerful and all knowing government is a very bad idea.
I think that Ron Paul's decision to represent freedom on such a large stage was a leap of faith that paid off for us all. But for any of us to now play it safe with watered down messages and think that we will continue to inspire the energy needed to make a difference when it counts is to forget what got us here.
Ernest Hancock
Publisher - FreedomsPhoenix 
Dr. Sabrin's message 
As the front-runner to win the June 3rd Republican Primary for U.S. Senate, Dr. Murray Sabrin launched the first TV ad (see the release below). He is the first Republican candidate to do any advertising and his message to "LEGALIZE FREEDOM" is working. The campaign needs to raise an additional $500,000 over the next three weeks in order to ENSURE VICTORY on June 3rd! Below are some sample costs associated with buying advertising in the New Jersey media market: (In order to air this 30-second commercial it costs approximately)
$89 to run on MTV
$109 to run on ESPN
$125 to run on "Fox and Friends" on Fox News
$300 to run on "Bill O'Reilly" or "Sean Hannity" on Fox News
$1,280 to run on morning news
$4,565 to run on evening news
(The maximum an individual may donate is $4,600 per person / $9,200 per couple) Please visit and make a generous donation to keep this commercial on throughout the month of May – if the campaign raises just $500,000 over the next three weeks – Dr. Murray Sabrin WILL BE the Republican candidate for The United States Senate – TIME IS OF THE ESSENCE so make your generous donation TODAY!

News Release
For immediate Release - April 25, 2008
Contacts: Sabrin for Senate - George Ajjan @ (201) 332-3422 or

Front-runner Sabrin Launches First TV Ad Maverick Murray Touts "The Sabrin Solution" Jersey City, NJ – New Jersey conservative Republican leader Dr. "Maverick Murray" Sabrin, the Garden State's strongest advocate of limited government and individual freedom and the front-runner for United States Senate, unveiled the first television ad of the Republican Primary which focused on The Sabrin Solution. The advertising campaign will be seen throughout New Jersey and is being reinforced with Dr. Sabrin's aggressive grassroots campaign.

The TV ad can be viewed online =cuiNe_Lhi7Q.

Here is the text:
"I'm Dr. Murray Sabrin and I approved this message to Legalize Freedom.
While our nation's at war and our economy staggers, we need conservative solutions to these serious problems. Here is The Sabrin Solution: First, we must secure our borders from foreign terrorists and illegal immigrants. Next, we must secure our economic well-being by getting government off our backs and out of our wallets. And finally, we must secure a first-class education for our children. I'm running for the United States Senate from New Jersey – please join me at"

Dr. "Maverick Murray" Sabrin is a successful entrepreneur working in commercial real estate, portfolio management, and economic research. Maverick Murray is an author, TV and radio commentator, and Professor and Executive Director of the Center for Business and Public Policy at Ramapo College. He and his wife Florence of 39 years reside in Bergen County. For more information, please visit