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Dr. Murray Sabrin's campaign is nearing the $500,000 mark!

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As of 5pm today, Dr. Murray Sabrin's campaign is on the verge of breaking the $500,000 mark! As the front-runner to take on the extremely liberal Senator Frank Lautenberg – his campaign has almost reached an important milestone.

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The latest updates on the campaign trail:

Dr. Ron Paul is in New Jersey today headlining a fund-raiser for Dr. Murray Sabrin. Financial Guru, Peter Schiff endorsed Dr. Murray Sabrin last week.  Sabrin for Senate releases the first TV commercial titled, "The Sabrin Solution."
Dr. Murray Sabrin won the debate last week. Dick Zimmer admits he can't raise any money for his campaign, and Joe Pennacchio admits he only had $25,000 left in the bank at the end of March.
Ron Paul is in New Jersey this evening to headline an event for U. S. Senate candidate Murray Sabrin.  Dr. Paul has known Sabrin for more than 25 years and endorses his candidacy for the U. S. Senate.  Paul wants Murray in the Senate so they can work together to restore the U. S. Constitution, revitalize the economy by reducing the federal budget and ending the inflation that is lowering the living standards of the vast majority of Americans. Paul and Sabrin will work to implement a noninterventionist foreign policy and end nation building once-and-for all. 
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