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If You Can't Beat 'em, Become Just Like 'em

Written by Subject: Politics: Republican Campaigns

A statement by Nevada State Senator Bob Beers last night reminded me that everything that happened last weekend in Reno was eerily forecasted back in August by Steve Gordon. See if this sounds familiar:

In late March the Clark County Republican convention was the occasion for one such display. Supporters of gubernatorial candidate Aaron Russo and some other observers contend that delegates who had followed party bylaws to get elected at the precinct level were scorned by the Republican establishment. Instead, party officials chose to wink at a bogus “self-nomination” process used by operatives of gubernatorial candidate Kenny Guinn and illegally seat hundreds of Guinn partisans without credentials.

Paraphrasing Beers, the party officials at the front of the convention hall were the losers in Russo v. Guinn, so don't go away mad, stick around and, in ten years, you can do the same thing to someone else.