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Decadent US/West and Nazified Ukraine Featured on Sunday Talk Shows

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)

Decadent US/West and Nazified Ukraine Featured on Sunday Talk Shows

by Stephen Lendman

On what's called news, information and opinion shows, viewers of US/Western TV get the best state-approved propaganda money can buy.

Truth-telling on what's crucial for everyone to know is banned, not a whiff of it aired.

Viewers are mind-manipulated by proliferators of the fabricated official narrative.

Official US/Western policy mandates public brainwashing.

It aims to convince maximum numbers of people to accept what irreparably harms their fundamental rights, health and well-being.

It reflects the dismal state of nations throughout the decadent, depraved West, things worst of all in the heart of darkness — the empire of lies and forever wars, waged on the vast majority of its people and on nations free from the scourge of its control.

On yesterday's so-called Sunday talk shows, the usual rogue elements were featured.

The Biden regime's so-called national security advisor, Sullivan, showed up on multiple shows to lie and mass-deceive viewers with forked tongue, fake news remarks, largely on all things Russia and Ukraine.

Before inflicting him on viewers, ABC News assaulted them with the following fake news rubbish, saying:

After Vladimir Putin announced the mobilization of 300,000 reservists to help combat the scourge of US-supported Nazism in Ukraine, "Russian men (are) openly refusing to go (sic)."

"One man scream(ed) I don't want to die for Putin (sic)."

"Mothers chant(ed), send Putin to the trenches (sic)."

"Russian citizens immediately flood(ed) airports (and) crowd(ed) borders as thousands try to flee the country (sic)."

Reality in Russia is worlds apart different from the above ABC (fake) News trash — its specialty like all US/Western MSM, a collective lying machine for monied interests and hegemon USA's imperial rampaging.

Worse mind-numbing defiance of reality followed when Sullivan came on to hyperventilate the fabricated official narrative by turning truth on its head and trampling on it with Big Lies like the following:

Russia is a "totalitarian dictatorship where one man controls everything (sic)."

Ignored throughout the US/West is that Russians get real democracy, worlds apart from fantasy versions in America, Canada and Europe — the real thing banned by their regimes.

Putin's 81%+ public approval rating is also ignored. 

The vast majority of Russians want no one else leading them for good reason.

He serves all Russians, not the privileged few alone, the dismal reality throughout the US/West — exploiting and otherwise harming the great majority to benefit special interests at their expense.

And this Sullivan trash:

The Biden regime will "continue to support (the scourge of Nazism infesting) Ukraine."

As instructed by his handlers, the fake Biden "authorized" more arms and equipment to kill more Donbass civilians and Russians.

On democracy in action like it should be in Donbass and Kherson/Zaporohye Regions — residents voting on joining Russia — Sullivan mocked what's going on, falsely calling open, free and fair referendums "sham(s) (sic)."

More Sullivan trash:

What's going on shows "that Russia and Putin are struggling badly (sic)."

Still more trash:

"(W)hat you are seeing in the streets right now is a deep unhappiness with what Putin is doing (sic) because he has been lying to his people all along (sic)."

"He tried to call this some kind of special military operation, when, in fact, it's a war of conquest (sic)."

"(A)s you heard (the fake) Biden (mumble and bumble incoherently), (it's) to extinguish Ukraine's right to exist as a people (sic)."

Despite no Russian nuclear threat, Sullivan falsely claimed otherwise, another bald-faced Big Lie.

Separately on days of street protests in Iran, Sullivan failed to explain their made-in-the-USA origin.

Nor did he acknowledge the reality of tens of thousands of Iranians taking to the streets of Tehran on Sunday — denouncing violence, vandalism and desecration of holy sites, Press TV reporting the following:

"(P)rotesters carried placards and chanted slogans on Sunday to strongly condemn the evil acts committed by a handful of mercenaries serving foreign enemies, who set fire to the Holy Qur'an, mosques, and the national flags and forcefully removed women's headscarves on the streets" of Tehran and other Iranian cities.

"(P)rotesters also announced their unwavering support for the police force and measures they have taken to restore calm across the country following days of violent riots."

"They gave flowers to police personnel along the path of the demonstration."

On Sunday as well, millions of Iranians took to the streets nationwide to condemn what has US dirty hands all over it.

US MSM ignored reality throughout Iran on Sunday, focusing exclusively on fake news reports in support hostile-to-Iran state-approved talking points.

Separately, CBS (fake) News Face the Nation gave US-installed puppet Zelensky a platform to lie and mass deceive viewers with trash over facts on the ground, sounding buffoon-like as in all his public remarks, saying the following.

"(P)eople who don't come to referendum, Russians can turn off their electricity (sic) and won't give them an opportunity to live a normal human life (sic)."

"They force people (sic), throw them in prisons (sic)."

"They force them to come to these pseudo-referenda (sic)."

"They're forcing people to fight (sic)."

"The Russian government can officially announce that the referendum had been completed…results announced" ahead.

"This would make it impossible…to continue any diplomatic negotiations with" Russia (sic).

When Vladimir Putin, Russia's Defense Ministry and other officials announce mission accomplished ahead, the territory of Ukraine will exist in rump form alone, its main industrial and richest agricultural land liberated from the scourge of Nazified control.

As for puppet Zelensky, when of no further use to the empire of lies and forever wars, he'll be dumped in similar fashion to how US regimes abandoned other convenient stooges.

It's just a matter of time, and when occurs, US/Western MSM will no longer give him a platform to lie and mass-deceive.

In all his public rants, he's an embarrassment to what leadership as it should be is all about.

He has lots of company throughout the West — an absence of responsible leadership across the board, especially in the US.