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State-Sponsored Terrorism

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State-Sponsored Terrorism

by Stephen Lendman

According to US law, terrorism involves "violent acts or acts dangerous to human life…(that)  intimidate or coerce a civilian population…influence the policy of a government by intimidation or coercion…(and engage in) mass destruction."

Martin Luther King called hegemon USA "(t)he greatest purveyor of violence in the world."

There's no ambiguity about how it operates at home and worldwide.

Nor is there any doubt that its ruling regimes are the greatest threat to everyone everywhere.

US-dominated NATO regimes wage wars OF terrorism, not on it.

State-sponsored terrorist acts are declarations of war on fundamental freedoms and the rule of law.

Used to achieve diabolical aims, they include actions to transform free societies into subservient ones, as well as waging preemptive wars on humanity at home and abroad on the phony pretext of protecting national security.

The business of America is forever war-making on invented enemies — glorifying them in the name of peace, what hegemon USA abhors and doesn't tolerate.

The world's leading purveyor of state terrorism is perpetually at war at home and abroad on invented enemies.

Its dirty hands were all over what may be permanent damage to Russia's Nord Stream I and II gas pipelines to Europe.

On Thursday, Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, said terrorist sabotage against Nord Stream I and II was state-sponsored.

"(T)he unprecedented nature of this event — a terrorist act at the state level — requires very active and energetic cooperation."

"This is an extremely dangerous situation that requires urgent investigation."

On Wednesday, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

The fake "Biden must answer the question of whether (hegemon USA) carried out its threat on September 25 and 26 when an emergency was reported at three lines of Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2, which has been preliminarily recognized as ruptures, whereas he suggested those were blown up."

"His statement of intent was backed up with a promise."

"One must be responsible for one's words."

"Failure to understand what one says does not absolve anyone of responsibility."

"Europe must know the truth!"

On Thursday, Zakharova said the following:

"Speaking of where (the incident) occurred, there have been allegations that those are neutral waters and so on."

"But that is the exclusive economic zone of Denmark and Sweden, NATO-centric countries stuffed with US-made weapons and which are fully controlled by American intelligence agencies…(ones with) entire control of the situation over there."

And when interventionist "Blinken said that the project's collapse is in no one's interest, it sounds ridiculous. It's a lie."

Dominant Trump regime hardliners "did everything to scuttle" construction of Nord Stream II.

"They employed methods of political pressure and blackmail, which are illegal and go beyond morality, law and logic."

"They also used their diplomatic resources to exert direct pressure, particularly on German authorities."

Biden regime hardliners "took a different path."

They had the Pentagon and/or CIA sabotage both pipelines by using one or more Unmanned Underwater Vehicles to detonate powerful explosives.

According to Russia's lower house State Duma Energy Committee Chairman, Pavel Zavalny:

If Nord Stream I and II are salvageable — what's very much uncertain because of corrosive salt water flooding through them — repairs, if undertaken, will take more than 6 months to complete.

Two ways exist to repair the damage, he said: Making a (watertight) caisson or hoisting the gas pipelines to the surface.

"(A) complex engineering underwater structure would have to be created."

The second option of raising both pipelines to the surface would require cranes able to lift 3,000 tons.

Both pipelines were designed with possibly having to make repairs in mind, he added.

And pipes were "laid in such a way that would make it possible to hoist (them) up."

"This will also take time (because of) technical equipment, cranes, ships, and so on" needed. 

"But, in my opinion, technically it is possible."

Under the best case scenario, both pipelines will be inoperable at least through winter 2022 - 23 months.

In the meantime, European countries dependent on Russian gas have no way to make up what's unavailable entirely.

Along with Russian gas to Europe through Ukraine — what may be cut off — they'll pay around 40% more for as much US LNG as possible.

European enterprises and consumers face troubled times for the foreseeable future.

And make no mistake. 

What's going on was made-in-the-USA as part of its war on Russia and European economies.