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Zionist Tyranny the Big Winner in Israeli Knesset Elections

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Zionist Tyranny the Big Winner in Israeli Knesset Elections

by Stephen Lendman

With around 97% of votes counted, the extremist Netanyahu-led Likud bloc is projected to win 65 of 120 Knesset seats for a clear majority.

Zionist tyranny, religious fundamentalists, Palestinian-hating fanatics and what the late Joel Kovel called "a machine for the manufacture of human rights abuses" won big in Nov. 1 Israeli Knesset elections — a fantasy democracy, never the real thing, like its counterpart regimes throughout the West.

By any standard, the Jewish state is extremist, undemocratic, hateful, ruthless, racist, destructive, hostile to peace, equity and justice, as well as contemptuous of the rule of law.

Hostile to legal, moral and ethical principles, Zionist ideology threatens everyone and everything it opposes.

It's a cancer infesting Israel, America, other Western societies and elsewhere.

Like Nazism fostered Aryan superiority, Zionism considers Jews superior to others, especially Muslims.

Militarized occupation harshness cuts to the heart of how the scourge of Zionism operates.

Returning Netanyahu and extremists infesting his bloc to power reflects a greater force for evil than earlier.

Commenting on Israeli elections, interventionist Blinken's so-called spokesman, Price, said the following:

"It is far too early to speculate on the exact compensation of the next governing coalition (sic)."

It'll "play out in Israel's political system over the coming days (sic)."

"What makes (US/Israeli ties) strong" since establishment of the Jewish state on stolen Palestinian land "is that this is a relationship that has always been based on our shared interests (and so-called) shared values (sic)." 

And this Price trash:

Turning reality on its head, he shamefully called apartheid Israel "an open, democratic society (sic), including tolerance and respect for all in civil society (sic), particularly for minority groups (sic)."

More trash:

Claiming a US commitment "to a future two-state solution and to equal measures of security, freedom, justice, and prosperity for Israel and Palestinians" is debunked by indisputable reality on the ground.

Since establishment of the Jewish state in May 1948, official Israeli policy has been elimination of Palestinians on land its ruling regimes want for exclusive Jewish development and use.

It's pursued by ethnic cleansing, state terror, intimidation, collective punishment, a ruthless matrix of control, other forms of brute force and slow-motion genocide.

Ongoing relentlessly for decades, it continues with no end of it in prospect because US-dominated Western regimes support what just societies abhor and don't tolerate.

And this from Price:

No matter how extremist and contemptuous of the rule of law  with Netanyahu bloc extremists in power, the Biden regime intends no change in pursuing one-sided support for Israeli apartheid no matter the harm to Palestinian rights and regional peace.

Asked if Dems intend supporting Itamar Ben-Gvir if appointed to Netanyahu regime ministerial position — a figure who called for "the killing of Palestinians, killing stone-throwers," and making the most outrageous remarks, Price responded:

"We don't engage in hypotheticals (sic)."

On Wednesday, Axios reported that the Biden regime "is unlikely to engage with Jewish supremacist politician Itamar Ben-Gvir," who'll likely be appointed to a key ministerial position.

"No official decision has been made yet."

"But if the Biden (regime) boycott(s) Ben-Gvir, it will mark an unprecedented development" in bilateral relations.

In 2007, Ben-Gvir was convicted of supporting banned Kahanist extremists.

His likeminded political partner, Bezalel Smotrich, reportedly wants to be appointed Netanyahu regime war minister.

If Ben-Gvir becomes security minister in charge of Israeli police, a position he seeks, the duo will likely brutalize Palestinians more grievously than earlier.

Netanyahu wants them and others empowered to rescind charges of bribery, fraud and breach of trust, letting him off the hook in spite of damning evidence against him.

The scourge of Zionist tyranny ruthlessly mistreated Palestinians for time immemorial.

With extremist Zionist zealots and Arab-hating religious fundamentalists in power, dark times lie ahead for long-suffering Palestinians.

And make no mistake, the empire of lies and its Western vassals will continue their one-sided support for the Jewish state no matter how grievous its crimes of war and against humanity.

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