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Ron Paul - Ernest Hancock on the Charles Goyette Show - May 28th 2008

Written by Subject: Eugenics
The Libertarian National Convention in Denver & the r3VOLution
Wednesday Morning May 28th 2008
Ernest provides a little of the behind the scenes insight about the r3VOLution and its influence in the Libertarian Party.
Dr. Paul's segment covers a lot of ground. His book sales (The Revolution - A Manifesto by Ron Paul) - his thoughts about his role/non-role at the Republican National Convention - the r3VOLution - and even his endorsements/non-endorsements of other candidates for President. Ron Paul makes mention of Chuck Baldwin from the Constitution Party and his friend Mary Ruwart that did not get the Libertarian Nomination.
Ron Paul - Charles Goyette - Ernest Hancock
are all scheduled speakers at the RevolutionMarch in Washington D.C. July 12th 2008