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28 Gauge vs 410: Small-Bore Shotguns With a Big Punch

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

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It wasn't that long ago that everyone swore by "the bigger, the better" when it came to shotguns.

However, with a few recent introductions, small-bore shotguns are generating a lot of attention from shooters and hunters, who initially dismissed them.

But which one is best when comparing the 28 gauge vs. 410?

Overall, the 410 is a great option for a new shooter. It has low recoil and there are tons of single shot or pump-actions for the shell. However, it's not cheap and is actually more expensive than the 28 Gauge. 

The 28 Gauge is an all but forgotten shotgun cartridge, as the 20, 12, and 410 are the big three when it comes to smooth bores. Although a lot lighter than a 20 gauge, the 28 gauge is an excellent choice for upland game hunting, grouse, pheasants, and doves. It might be a little light for ducks but with proper loads you could probably make it work. However, ammo is in short supply for the 28 ga as most hunters have dropped it in favor of the 20 ga.

Both rounds make excellent options for training young shooters, as they have low recoil and are easy to handle. However, we have to err on the side of the 410 for this one, as there are a lot of different ammo options available for it and it is considerably easier to find.

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