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The Fake Biden Mumbles, Bumbles and Stumbles in Support of Nazism Infesting Ukraine

Written by Subject: Biden-Harris Deep Fake Administration

The Fake Biden Mumbles, Bumbles and Stumbles in Support of Nazism Infesting Ukraine

by Stephen Lendman

The White House imposter needs instructions and other aids to remind him of where he is and why he's there.

Vowing to defend the scourge of Nazism infesting Ukraine, he falsely accused Russia of US/NATO crimes of war and against humanity, what's been ongoing for nearly a decade.

In stark contrast to the White House imposter buffoon, Vladimir Putin stressed the following on Wednesday, saying:

"I just received a report from the country's top military leaders."

They explained "that a battle for our people is unfolding on our historical borders right at this moment."

"It is being led by courageous servicemen" and women, defenders of the Motherland" against scourge of US-dominated NATO and Nazism infesting Ukraine.

While Vladimir Putin was rallying public support for a just cause, the fake Biden again stumbled while attempting to board Air Force One like many times before.

By video that went viral on Monday, the White House imposter stumbled and fell three times while climbing the aircraft's steps.

He can't even accomplish a task that simple.

On Wednesday in Warsaw, Poland, the New York Post reported the following:

The fake Biden "once again had issues keeping his balance Wednesday as he tripped up the steps of Air Force One on his way home from Poland…f(alling) forward halfway up the stairs" of the aircraft he was trying to board.

It happened before last March, in May and last June before flying to Los Angeles for the Summit of the Americas. 

These episodes, other evidence and repeated gaffes show an individual not physically or mentally fit for any public office.

Like the real JB he's impersonating, he's too cognitively impaired to fulfill duties of the office he illegitimately holds by selection, not election.

He has trouble communicating and is affected by impaired judgment and confused thinking.

In decline cognitively for some time, MSM conceal his deteriorated state.

Yet time and again when speaking, he mumbles, bumbles and babbles semi-or-incoherently.

Without instructions by crib notes and an earpiece, he most likely couldn't find his way to a White House bathroom.

He once called war secretary Lloyd Austin "senator Austin."

He's unaware of and doesn't understand what's in dozens of executive orders he signed.

Like most individuals in nursing homes and assisted living facilities, he focuses mostly on when the next meal will arrive.

His public remarks show increased detachment from reality.

Because the real JB is too far gone cognitively to perform any public duties, a look-alike double represents him when delivering public remarks of any length, including addresses.

After stumbling while trying to board Air Force One in Poland, White House damage control blamed it on wind currents.

The real and fake Biden are worlds apart from what leadership is supposed to be.

Yet the White House imposter has his finger on the nuclear trigger, what he may think is a button to call for room service.

While not mentioning the real or fake Biden by name in his Glory to Defenders of the Fatherland address on Tuesday, Vladimir Putin warned of potential "catastrophe" if the empire of lies pushes things too far.

Separately on Wednesday, Russia's Foreign Ministry spokeswoman, Maria Zakharova, said the following:

The fake Biden didn't arrive in "Kiev without warning Russia and without asking the Russian side to ensure his safety," adding:

The "staged visit" failed to achieve anything of strategic importance, adding:

If the empire of lies "wanted to make another example to its allies on how to support the Kiev regime, it didn't come out too well." 

"Especially amid loud claims that they are in total control of the situation and Kiev is about to win" what it lost straightaway after Russia launched its liberating SMO.

And this from Reuters on Wednesday, saying:

The Biden regime warned puppet Zelensky and his regime that US/Western support "has to end at some point" — preferably "sooner rather than later."

The made-in-the-USA, Nazi-infested regime's days are numbered.

The same goes for puppet Zelensky.

Hegemon USA has nothing to show for supplying Ukrainian Nazis with over $150 billion in aid since 2014.

Spending a tiny fraction of this amount, Russia greatly degraded the regime's military to a state of near-collapse.

And there's nothing that the empire of lies and its Western vassals can do to transform defeat into triumph.