Article Image Concealed Carry During SHTF with Survival Dispatch

Concealed Carry During SHTF with Survival Dispatch

Written by Sam Jacobs Subject: Gun Rights

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Here at, we always encourage our listeners to carry a personal protection firearm (CCW) whenever possible and legal to do so. However, in our every changing world, the potential for a disaster or SHTF scenario seem to be growing exponentially by the day. 

From EMP strikes, to nuclear war, societal breakdown, an economic collapse, or even just a natural disaster, the potential for a life-threatening situation seems to be constantly around us. 

On this episode of the Ammunition Guides Podcast, we have a special guest join us: Chris Heaven, the CEO of Survival Dispatch. In this podcast, we cover the pros and cons of concealed carry vs open carry during any SHTF scenario and real-life examples of what Chris has experienced in his own life.

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