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Gonzalo Lira Political Prisoner In Ukraine Attempting To Escape For Political Asylum.

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Gonzalo Lira social media political commentator known for criticizing the U.S. and Ukrainian mainstream war narrative was arrested for the second time a little over 2 months ago and held on charges centered around his social media post.  In the video Gonzalo appeared distressed emotionally and physically exausted as he explains the events that have unfolded in the last few months which include denial of bail rights, denial of fair trial, extortion, torchure, and all manner of abuse.  According to Gonzalo Lira the United States Embassy in Ukrain which is ran by Ambassador Vicky Nuland has been was contacted, and they know the situation according to Gonzalo Lira but have made no attempt to help bring this American citizen home.  Gonzalo has been effectively abandon by the United States and only Chile has voice concerns as he waits for his trial and faces 5-8 years in a hard labor camp that due to Mr. Lira suffering from a heart condition may be a death sentence.  Now in an attempt to escape political persecution Gonzalo Lira is currently in just recent hours today July 31st making his attempt to cross the Ukrainian/Hungarian boarder and if successful he will immediately request poilitcal asylum. 

Please watch the video links below and take action, whether its contacting your repressentatives or reposting in social media he needs our help.