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Nevada's Gold Mine of Republican Events

Written by Subject: Politics: Republican Campaigns
Choices, choices. Nevada Republicans have never had so many wonderful opportunities as they have next weekend. Barbeques, loyalty tests, state conventions - there's something for everybody on June 28!

If you live in Clark County (Las Vegas), there's the All American Barbeque with a live band, DJ, food, and, of course, fun. Only Americans are invited and you're not a real American if you aren't there! The Clark County Republican Party is pulling out all the stops to get a lot of attendees; e-mail blasts, radio interviews, even robo-calls, which are normally reserved for determining "seating" at the convention. At only $10 a head, it seems like a risky proposition to break even, but I guess the sponsors, including Nevada Republican Chair Sue Lowden, will have to make up the difference.

Nye County (Pahrump) won't be eating rubber chicken and hot dogs, but Republicans will have a great opportunity to prove their loyalty to the party! In fact, according to the mailer sent out, attendance at the Central Committee meeting is a great way (maybe even the only way) to “certify your membership.”


With so much else available for Republicans, it's easy to forget that they also have the reconvening of the state convention that day in Reno. While competing events may seem counterproductive when trying to reconvene a quorum, Bobbie Haseley, Communications Director for the Clark County Republicans, assures us the scheduling conflicts are purely coincidental. Also, Haseley would like Republicans to cease calling the Republican headquarters to criticize the coincidence.

So, Republicans in Southern Nevada have tough choices to make: be “All American”, prove your party loyalty, or travel to Reno to finish the job that was aborted on April 26. Never one to turn down a chance to party in Reno, I'll be there, camera in hand to show you what the rest of the Nevada Republicans choose to do.