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Live Event: NV Republican Convention Restart Q&A

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Live Stream (intermittent testing until Monday, June 23 at 6:30 pm PDT) 
 Nevada Republicans met on April 26th in Reno, attempting to conduct the business, required by Nevada Revised Statutes, of the Nevada Republican Party.  When the delegates voted to decide the convention outcome for themselves, the party apparatchiks abruptly recessed the convention without the required vote.
Now, the delegates are working to reconvene the convention, needing only a quorum of those originally in attendance.  On June 28th, those delegates will meet at the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno, while the NRP does everything they can to thwart the process.
You get to be on the scene: Monday, June 23, we'll be netcasting live the Q&A with southern Nevada delegates in Las Vegas.  Then, on Saturday, June 28, we'll be netcasting live from the Grand Sierra Resort in Reno while the delegates resume their convention.
Monday's meeting will feature Robert Holloway, a prominent Las Vegas Republican who's got the skinny on resuming the convention.  We're sure to hear from Mike Weber, the President of the Nevada Republican Assembly, as well as Robert Terhune, the organizer of the reconvened convention.
Immediately following the netcasts, you can view the archives here

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