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"Voice of the Revolution" - by Ernest Hancock

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Voice of the Revolution
by Ernest Hancock
How would a modern day “Declaration of Independence” manifest itself? In what form would we 'submit to a candid world' why we must 'acquiesce in the necessity' and denounce what has happened to America? I'm sure that I am not alone in such musings. 
For the Fourth of July I had planned to share my thoughts on the past year and a half and what I thought would be the legacy and future of the revolution between the ears of the American people that has been sparked by the Ron Paul Revolution. I had also wanted to talk about the deteriorating condition of the U.S. Economy and how I thought we might prepare ourselves. I made notes to include comments about many things.
And as American society is drastically and rapidly changing as I write this I wanted to ask if those of us that understand what is happening, and why, should feel any obligation to others for having prepared ourselves financially and/or emotionally. I had planned to go into detail about a conversation I remember having on my radio show with a caller that asked what role I would play when the final collapse of the American economy manifested itself. I wanted to share my thoughts about our primary obligations to our families and the ones that we love, and why we face many of the same challenges the colonists of the 1770's had as we seek to secure a better life for ourselves and our children and grandchildren.
But I seem to always be the optimist with the ability to find a positive and productive use of my time.
My wife and I visited the National Archives in April of this year to view the original Declaration of Independence. I was moved by the experience, but I was also saddened by the condition of the document itself. The temperature and the lights in the hall were very low to help preserve the document from further aging, but the document was barely readable. Even the large signature of John Hancock had lost its impact in its faded condition. I guess after over 230 years I shouldn't have been surprised.
The Declaration of Independence has always represented America far more to me than any other American icon because it clearly defined what those Americans wanted, how far they were willing to go to achieve it and why they deserved it. Liberty wasn't a request, it was a demand.
We may have been presented with another opportunity to make such a clear “Declaration of Independence” while remaining peaceful.
A week ago I was approached by two documentary film makers to participate in the making of a documentary about the r3VOLution that supported the message championed by presidential candidate Ron Paul. I suspected that such an effort would be the result of one of the most important movements in American history, so I was prepared to ask several questions.
I'm certain that many of us involved in the freedom movement over the past 18 months have thought about the power such a documentary might have. But my first concern was the motivation behind such a project. Is there a desire to accurately tell the story, to spin the story or to maximize profits? I've done what I could to evaluate the offer and I'm ready to share what I think I know and how I am willing to participate.
The working title of the documentary is “Voice of the r3VOLution”. The title evolved from my discussions with the producers and their chosen director. This documentary is of great interest to the film makers for many reasons. The subject interests them personally, but the greatest trait is the fact that they have the attention and interest of investors that see the potential for a great deal of money to be made with a release date of mid October of this year.
To secure funding they needed a commitment from me to participate in the making of the documentary. I am willing, but those that know me are not surprised that I would have many questions about who would fund such a project and what control they might exert.
Without the funding from people I trusted to have the truth told I was reluctant to get too deeply involved. Any effort to use my name to endorse this documentary without my being comfortable with the final result wasn't an option. So a compromise is being formulated. I understand their need for immediate funds to cover their immediate costs to begin production to make their aggressive schedule, but using investors with a minority interest has reduced my concerns. We have enough agreement so far that the project can begin under the following conditions.
They have begun the process of creating the LLC for the film and are constructing the website now in such a way that this film is truly “The Voice of the r3VOLution”. & have two separate functions. “Voice”... will be the promotion of the Documentary and “Voices”... is the interface for all of the r3VOLutionaries to provide all of their input on the making of the film so that this documentary is truly a product of the r3VOLution. I suggested that an opportunity for individual supporters to help fund the effort (Chipins) be available In fact this was one of the requirements that I had. I am still negotiating the publishing of the entire budget. All of us will be asked to provide graphics, original music (they are reviewing many submissions of music now), raw video and suggestions of those individuals that should be interviewed to provide the most accurate portrayal of what happened and why.
I asked that the entire process be open to us all and that portions of the film be made available online as they are completed for our input and evaluation. I know that many may see this as risky and time consuming but those of us that have benefited from an 'open source' culture in this movement will understand this to be a very efficient way of making certain that this documentary is another success in a long line of successes for those of us that have learned to trust each other when we are allowed to express ourselves without restriction.
The site will be up very soon and it was just today that we have agreed to move forward together with the understanding that the people involved in the movement would be able to participate. In fact I was able to convince the film makers that this was the most effective and cost efficient way to accurately and quickly tell this important story.
The film editing will begin within days from what I and many others have here in Arizona. The first weeks of the r3VOLution were recorded here in Arizona so we have enough to get them started. In addition to this editing there is the film work that has to explain the history building up to the beginnings of the Ron Paul Revolution, and why. This provides us the time to accumulate the best of what each of us has to offer without delaying the start of production. The director will be traveling to Washington, D.C for the RevolutionMarch where several of the individual interviews will be done and he'll get his first personal experiences of what is happening and why.
It was agreed that the web site would list all of the main campaign events/debates/conventions in chronological order so that all submissions could be tagged to correspond with the event or project. Details like names, dates, events, time markers (where to look on the tape) and other information about the raw footage supplied will follow a format provided by the director to be considered for submission.
Now you know as much as I do.
I did my best to make it very clear the people associated with the r3VOLution will make it very clear of their endorsement/rejection of the final product. And that any effort to “spin” the film into anything but an accurate representation of the facts and the motivations of those involved would meet great resistance.
But if the movie was supported,... then this movie would be “The r3VOLution's Declaration”.

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Comment by Ed Vallejo
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The place to begin a timeline would be the photo section of the Ron Paul Phoenix Meetup Group. It has archived over a thousand pictures listed in chronological order starting in about Feb of 07. It will give you a basic idea of where we**Q**ve been, and then augment that with all the video I took. A lot.


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