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ROSC 18: Not Parasites

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rosc18There's something about being young, especially if you can feel righteous at the same time. The combination is potent and intoxicating. It's a shame more people haven't experienced it.

And somehow I've stumbled into three or four groups of such people. I'm under no illusion that they look to me as some kind of leader (I certainly hope they don't), but they are interested in new ideas, and they don't much care if the person bringing them is old or young.

Righteous-feeling youth does of course have a habit of damning all consequences and moving toward excess, but that's less a natural problem and more a manufactured one . The young person being excessive soon learns from direct consequences that he or she is going too far… except if the enforcers of a jealous status quo get their hands on them first.

That's the kind of conflict I've been trying to keep my young friends away from, but I refuse to fight their enthusiasm. I will not allow myself to become the agent of a corrupt status quo, protecting a dour and barbaric past from an enthusiastic and righteous future.

And so it was that I allowed my own youthful enthusiasm to rouse itself to help my young friends in their newest and perhaps boldest venture: a set of public training seminars.

Needless to say, these are not mundane courses like "How to Use Microsoft Word."

Not a Parasite

That's the title of their seminar program: Not a Parasite. It's a two-day program. The first two hours are free, and everyone is invited. "Open the doors and compel them to come," is the way it's written in their outline. In those two hours (and I freely admit that I gave them notes to work from), they will advise attendees that they were made for more and better things than to exist as parasites feeding from the state's trough and being kept docile with cheap booze, stupid TV, and endless Facebook.

They'll tell stories about their grandparents and great-grandparents, who worked hard and built things and who remained proud of producing through their last moments. And they'll contrast that with the life of an "outside the labor force" American of our time… of whom there are now 100 million.

They'll explain that the system that forced this upon them is unworthy of their approval, their devotion, and even of their fear… that it's a deep and persistent opponent of human happiness and is in fact destroying those hundred million people.

They'll explain that we are built to learn and to grow and to expand, that we should be experimenting without asking permission, and that any system opposing that is the enemy of mankind.

After those two hours, they take a break and reconvene with only the paid attendees for three course tracks:

Track number one is on thriving in the gig economy. They'll be teaching about everything they've learned in the past few years, even the lessons they've learned about taxes and regulators. They won't mention the sanitarium itself, but they will talk about having a central operations group.

Track number two is on cryptocurrencies, including encryption. Everyone who attends will not only be taught how these things work, but they will actually send and receive cryptocurrency from their own phones or laptops. They'll encrypt and decrypt with their own keys on their own devices. They'll even help build a functioning mining rig.

Track number three is on drones. Several types will be explained, built, taken apart, and rebuilt. Computerized onboard control systems will be installed and tested. The attendees will go home with a rich resource list and with both the knowledge and experience to build their own.

Moreover, our people are taking these seminars on the road (the first one is happening as I write this) to every mid-sized town they can. At least a dozen of them are involved, and several of the kids who made out well in Bitcoin are financing them. As soon as one of the team needs a break there will be others ready to step in.

More than that, Adam and his biohacker friends are ready to add a fourth track and possibly to expand the seminars into a third day.

These young people are quite aware that the powers that be will not like them teaching such things, but there's really nothing else for them to do. The alternative is to embrace parasitism: to live and die as bureaucrat-controlled zombies.

And so they've chosen life, even if their choice comes at a price.

More next time.


Paul Rosenberg