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Court rejects Ramos/Compean appeal (breaking)

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Patricia []: 
OUTRAGE!! The court would that all true patriots to the defense of a SOVEREIGN America be jailed or eliminated. We have all been betrayed by this ruling. Nacho & Ignacio are political prisoners of the New World Order. They are true AMERICAN patriots!
From the Desk of:
Steve Elliott, Alliance

         We have just learned that the 5th Circuit has rejected the
         Ramos/Compean appeal and has sided with Johnny Sutton.
         This is an outrage. Please see below.


After months and months of delays, today the 5th Circuit rejected
the most important aspects of the appeal by imprisoned border
patrol agents Ramos and Compean.

          That means the court has sided with Johnny Sutton -- and
          Ramos and Compean now face at least 10 years in prison
          for attempting to apprehend an convicted illegal alien
          drug smuggler!

We have posted a link to the court's ruling in which the judges
conclude that the trial "was conducted fairly and without reversible
error" -- even though the court admitted to "exclusion of evidence"
(i.e. suppression of evidence) regarding the drug smuggler!

Go here to read it for yourself (all 45 pages):

+ + Grassroots Action -- Our Final Hope...

It is my understanding that agents Ramos and Compean will continue
their appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court -- but that is a long and
difficult fight just to get your case heard.

Their best hope is a grassroots uprising by citizens like you
demanding that Congress and/or the President take immediate action.

That is why I am asking every Grassfire team member to
do two things...

+ + Action Item #1 -- Flood Congress with Faxes and Ribbons

I want to absolutely overwhelm Congress and the White House with
faxes from outraged citizens. I also want your Senators, your
Representative and the President to get a "Bring Home Agents
Ramos and Compean" yellow ribbon.

Go here to schedule your faxes and to send ribbons:

(As always, if you prefer, please send the faxes on your own.
Our FaxFire service is for your convenience. You can access the
contact information and sample fax text at the above link.)

+ + Action Item #2 -- Call Congress Now!

I'm asking you to call your two senators and your representative --
as well as the White House. While these agents sit in jail facing
10 years of incarceration, will you make four phone calls?

Talking Points:

1 -- I am outraged that the 5th Circuit did not overturn the
     lengthy prison terms of border agents Ramos and Compean.

2 -- I call on Congress/the President to take any and all
     necessary actions to secure their immediate release --
     through Congressional or Presidential Pardon or other means.

Contact Numbers:

Sen. Graham      202-224-5972
Sen. DeMint      202-224-6121

Rep. Wilson     202-225-2452

White House Switchboard: 202-456-1414

This is a very sad day for our system of justice, for our nation's
border security and mostly for two families who have become victims
of a system that favors illegal alien drug smugglers over our own
law enforcement.

Thank you for taking action.

Steve Elliott, President

P.S. Both Monica Ramos and Patty Compean just called our office.
As you can imagine, they are overwhelmed with disappointment. Monica
said Nacho is "in shock" and now she is wondering how she can break
the news to their children.

Go to and post your comments so that the Grassfire
staff along with thousands of citizens can benefit from your
thoughts and opinions:

+ + + + + Alliance is a non-profit 501(c)4 issues advocacy
organization dedicated to equipping our 1.5 million-strong
network of grassroots conservatives with the tools that give
you a real impact on the key issues of our day. Gifts to are not tax deductible.


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Comment by James Green
Entered on:

What an absolute outrage! We must not sleep until we have secured the release of these good citizens--- who were trying to defend our border from a known illegal Mexican drug smuggler!
This is the current administrations**Q**s attempt to show the world that they are pro-North American Union alliance and will not protect our borders against the invasion of illegal aliens that have overrun us.
Captain Jim Green

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