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Update On Ron Paul's Rally For The Republic

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"In building the Campaign for Liberty, each state will begin with a Leadership delegation equal to one per Congressional District, plus two at-large, totaling 535, the number of Congressional seats in the House and Senate. These 535 Leaders include State Coordinators who worked on the Ron Paul Campaign. State Coordinators have been given the task of choosing State Leaders based upon their skills, abilities, roles and actions on the battlefield. These 535 Leaders will attend a Summit in Minneapolis on September 1 to learn additional leadership skills, train for their successful roles going forward, and will ratify the Constitution of the Campaign for Liberty."
A Special Sneak Peek at Dr. Paul’s Rally for the Republic Speech August 26th, 2008 by Jesse Benton
In just one week, Dr. Paul will deliver a momentous speech to 10,000 plus at the Target Center in Minneapolis, MN. Here is a small excerpt from Ron’s notes on what you can expect.
We’re here today to send a message, not just to the Republican Party, not just to the politicians in power, but to the whole country and possibly the whole world.
The power brokers are convinced that they can maintain control with no serious challenge. They have it wrong!
We will challenge them on all fronts - in every state and at all levels of government. Individual liberty must be our goal. Peace and prosperity will follow.
Change for the sake of change but not doing the right thing is pure folly. Our Revolution must prevail. And it will!
(I'm glad that the Campaign for Liberty has all levels of government covered,... but that leaves a lot of open territory for activists to take of :)

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