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Campaign for Liberty - Big Success - by Ernest Hancock

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
The Phoenix r3VOLution produced over 300 signs that were well received. By the start of the Restore the Republic rally over 250 were put up. We saved some to make sure that the Republican Convention got a constant dose.
Jeane and Donna were surrounded by 6 police cruisers (sirens and all) and let go after being ID'd. Jeane was reluctant to give her name, but never produced an ID card (too much Shelton influence). But without video cameras to protect them it was best to be cooperative and get a hand slap and a finger waggin. Another group of sign placers had their car searched and were released with a more stern threat. But other than those stories I am familiar with, the sign placements around Minneapolis/St. Paul occurred without  too much trouble. 

Tom Westbrook, Donna (my wife) and I took lots of Photos and Video at several events leading up to the Rally for the Republic and at the Rally itself. I spoke at two events and two night club parties and all of the Phoenix activists got lots of respect for our hard work. is well known as well.

Jeanne and Donna were very active (Jeanne always had a list of things to do,... long list). Today was full of sign waving in front of the Target Center with hundreds of others in the rain.

The common theme of all of the events was that this multi-day celebration was an opportunity for each of us to demonstrate each other's support of each other. Everyone was smiles all the time and even the few police assigned to protect the Campaign for Liberty's main event were happy to get the assignment for the easy duty. No police were around when the thousands of Ron Paul r3VOLutionaries arrived for the start of the main rally, but by the time all of the opposition to the Republican Party realized that the Rally to Restore the Republic was where all of the action was, they started circling the event, and brought out the 2 dozen police to make sure _we_ were protected :)
At some of the park events we saw police taking Ron Paul signs to their personal cars. Every policeman we encountered were very supportive of the orderly and respectful "libertarians" (as they referred to us).
It'll take days for us to edit and assemble all of the video in a form to give our readers a real close up sense of how the Phoenix r3VOLution experienced our time here. But you can look forward to witnessing the respect that Phoenix has for all of the inspiration we provided the movement.
Tonight while 7 of us from Arizona were dining at the Hard Rock Cafe across the street from the Target Center (at least 2 dozen Arizona r3VOLutionaries were here that I know of) during a break, we were approached by a young man and his wife and given 2 one ounce coins and a 10 ounce bar of Silver for the defense of Shelton (RP4409 that was arrested while filming a Photo Radar protest for
Behind the scenes and during organizational meetings for the Campaign for Liberty there were many that made it very clear of their preference for how the Campaign for Liberty should be structured in a way for them to be left alone, while the Campaign for Liberty stressed the need for structure (I didn't attend any of this),  but in the end I think that the rally to Restore the Republic produced a great deal of good will that will carry through this election cycle at the very least. I think that the 'earned satisfaction' felt by the vast majority of those involved is a very dangerous factor for the NeoCons and the binding emotion for those that participated.

The Concert at the outdoor stadium the night before was fun and the musical entertainment for both the Rally and Concert was great. Each of the speakers did a great job and I understood why the "Special" speaker was kept secret. The John Birch Society was featured, and if it had been announced that they were speaking at the rally during their 50th year of existence I am certain that their would have been protests created by 'Bad Guys' that fear what they have accomplished and the increased credibility their association with Ron Paul will produce.

I have been reluctant to associate myself with an organization that has made the the salvation of the Republican Party such a priority,... but the effort will produce a lot of understanding about what can be done and will create many opportunities for effective freedom fighting in other ways that I'll share my thoughts about another time.

I was very happy to see that the crowd was well rewarded for all of their efforts and was given a quality show that they deserved. At the same time Ron & Carol Paul were shown the respect that they have earned over a life-time together in front of a world wide audience with all of the 'Bad Guys' paying very close attention.

I was happy for Ron & Carol and all of us that supported them. No matter what the future holds for the Campaign for Liberty, and its effort to Restore the Republic, using the political structure inside the Republican Party, this week's events and the emotions shared by those in attendance and watching from around the country, and the world, has given them an enormous head start,... and I look forward to helping (from outside any Matrix of course :) 

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Comment by Karyn Nelson
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I was there and I would just like to thank Ernie and Donna and Jeanne and Buck for all their hard work, great fun and camaraderie. You really made the experience more memorable for Dennis and I. The three day event was spectacular and energizing. Thanks again, Karyn

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