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Ron Paul RNC Delegates,... Time to do Your Duty

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Ron Paul Delegates,... Time to do Your Duty.
For the hundreds of Ron Paul delegates to the Republican National Convention, the rally to Restore the Republic was the place to be. I suspect that hundreds of McCain supporters were in attendance as well.
Controversy swirled as some delegates were very concerned that the RNC delegates in support of Ron Paul should have been mixing it up with McCain delegates at the Republican Convention in an effort to sway them from the 'Dark Side'. There was a mention from the stage that there was a bus going to the RNC convention but there was no urgency or real concern shown by the Campaign for Liberty to make their voice heard from anywhere other than from the Target Center Arena to a worldwide audience.
The rally to Restore the Republic was where the show was and it was where everyone wanted to be.
But now that the RNC delegates for Ron Paul have had their much deserved fun it is time to get to work. 18 months of intense activity has resulted in their being there to represent Ron Paul's message and to give the r3VOLution a peaceful and clear voice.
My only suggestion to the hundreds of delegates now engaging 'The Beast' in its own lair, is to have no fear, be polite but never back down from support of principle, take every opportunity available to represent the message of those that worked so hard for you to be there and remember that if you are not having fun,... then you are doing it wrong.
You will likely never have such an opportunity to make this much of a difference in your life, so I encourage you to make certain that you do whatever you can to forward the message and be heard so that the rest of your life this experience will be a very happy memory and not a source of regret,.. no matter what the outcome.
The Phoenix r3VOLution, myself, my wife Donna and our family sends you our sincere love and affection.

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