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STOP the SCAM meetup site created!

Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
In case you were not aware a meetup site was created by a local Arizona 1st amendment demonstrator to STOP the SCAM camera fraud that is going on right now on YOUR taxpayer funded roads
Join them and get the latest info and locations where you too can utilize YOUR unalienable right to free speech. Click here to the meetup site  

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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If anyone has facts to challenge **QQ**Hawkeye**QQ**,please! show them to us.
And do not forget to show us where you got them.

Comment by Jerry Alexander
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These people can do anything they want because all the American will do is shout a few words,and then flee.
Four more years of a **QQ**Bush**QQ** like leadership......your done America,and it`s coming soon,either way you vote,you loose.
As a matter of have not vote,it`s all a scam,again! you loose.

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