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KTAR Coverage of the Jesse Ventura 40 Minute Interview

Written by Subject: MEDIA (MainStreamMedia - aka MSM)

If you missed the interview here it is in its entirety:

Notice the KTAR reporter on the right (Jesse's left).
Don't worry KTAR, we're doing your job for you, 18,000 people have already watch the interview in its entirety including the obvious media bias. It's okay to be ashamed now :)

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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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One of the reporters kept referring to the **QQ**Engineers**QQ** in order to debunk Jesse`s claim about the buildings falling like they were blown up,imploded.
I would have ask the reporter to ask the **QQ**Engineers**QQ** to explain how the engines weighing a couple tons each,could slam into a concrete wall at 450 MPH and not make one scratch,and leave the glass windows unbroken.
Why didn`t Jesse,or the Senator ask the reporter that question?
I think we need to ask **QQ**Jesse**QQ** some questions,and the Senator, **QQ**Karen Johnson**QQ** also.
We might want to ask **QQ**Jesse**QQ** why there were no bodies found at the **QQ**Flight 93**QQ** **QQ**Small Hole-in the ground**QQ**.The **QQ**NTSB**QQ** didn`t even find blood at the crash site.

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