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Boston Tea Party Presidential Candidate is Write-In in AZ

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Contact: Boston Tea Party - 574-226-3210 or Powell Gammill 602-400-6463
Phoenix, Arizona -  Libertarian Congressional candidate Powell Gammill submitted forms to the Arizona Secretary of State's Office today to qualify Boston Tea Party candidate Charles Jay as a write-in candidate for President of the United States.
"The fact that we were able to pull this effort off in two days speaks volumes of how people are disgusted with the Republican, Democrat and even Libertarian candidates for President and it is obvious people want more choices as to whom to cast votes for President on November 4th," Gammill said. "I extend my heartfelt thanks to everyone who helped make this possible.
After attending the U.S. Libertarian Party convention in Denver in May, Gammill decided on Tuesday, September 23rd to conduct a campaign to assist Boston Tea Party candidate Charles Jay to be a write-in option for President of the United States.
Gammill was able to enlist the support of former Arizona Libertarian Gubernatorial candidate (favorite son)  Barry Hess whom will appear as Charles Jay's running mate for the Vice Presidency.
As per their website, the Boston Tea Party (B.T.P.) and both its nominees support "reducing the size, scope and power of government at all levels and on all issues, and opposes increasing the size, scope and power of government at any level, for any purpose".
Charles Jay, who resides in south Florida, has years of experience in media and marketing and was also on the ballot in Utah on Personal Choice Party's ticket for President in 2004.
"What Charles Jay and the Boston Tea Party stand for is reflective of what I passionately believe in," Gammill said. "it is unfortunate that none of the Presidential candidates, even Libertarian candidate Bob Barr, are consistent in their belief in minimizing the role of government and maximizing individual rights."
On November 4th, Arizona voters who adhere to a libertarian vision for America will have the ability to cast votes for those principles by writing in Charles Jay and Barry Hess on November 4th.
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Comment by Powell Gammill
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It could not have happened without the pissed off notary!

Comment by Mike Shipley
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Never underestimate the power of a pissed-off notary!

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