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Ron Paul is on the Ballot for President of the United States

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Ron Paul is on the ballot in Montana as the Constitution Party's candidate for President of the United States.   After the candidate filing, Ron Paul requested his name be removed from the ballot. That request came past the deadline for any ballot changes, which has led to confusion for some as to Congressman Paul's current wishes regarding his status in Montana.
David Hart, former Montana State Coordinator with Ron Paul's Presidential campaign, said "I am confident that Ron Paul would currently support an aggressive effort to campaign for him in Montana."
At a press conference held at the National Press Club in Washington, D.C. September 10th, 2008, Congressman Paul made it clear that the presidential election process today is controlled by powerful elite.  These elite make sure that candidates from the two major parties presented as our choices, are candidates that will never challenge the status quo.   Congressman Paul explained the uselessness of continuing to support a process that claims the only choice is to choose between the lesser of two evils, and encouraged rejecting the idea that a principled vote that challenges the status quo is ever a wasted vote.
Hart further stated, "Not only is Ron Paul's name the most recognized name of all 3rd party candidates in Montana, but he is the only candidate who warned for years of our current economic situation, offering a true explanation as to its causes, along with solutions that are both Constitutional and logical.  With the vast majority of Americans overwhelmingly opposed to the recent Wall Street bailout, legislation that was supported by both Senators John McCain and Barack Obama, we  have an opportunity to send the establishment a strong message.  Here in Montana, we can vote for Ron Paul.  We can vote for principle over party, and we can vote for ending a government by the elite and for the powerful." 
"We would not have placed Ron Paul's name on our ballot against his wishes" says Rep. Rick Jore of the Constitution Party of Montana.  "While he was willing to have his name removed at Representative Denny Rehberg's request, that request came too late.  We want voters to understand that Dr. Paul did not oppose us putting him on our ballot.
Ron Paul believes in liberty of conscience and he is willing to give us an opportunity to exercise our conscience with our vote."
For further information contact:
Rick Jore 406-544-2389
David Hart 406-257-8713
Jonathan Martin 406-868-3984

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Comment by Ron Moss
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A vote for Obama, the bankers win, a vote for McCain, the bankers win. So a vote for Baldwin may have a chance to return us to a constitutional **QQ**Republican Form**QQ** of government.

Comment by Nunya Bizness
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I**Q**m in Arizona and I**Q**m just going to write Ron Paul in on my ballot. I don**Q**t care whether we **QQ**can**QQ** or not and I know he is not going to win. I just cannot in all good conscience vote for McCain or Obama and I haven**Q**t been able to research any of the other candidates. Ron Paul has always had my vote and it will feel good to put that down on my ballot in November.

Comment by Powell Gammill
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