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Written by Subject: Revolutions, Rebellions & Uprisings
I'm not saying who...but someone took a road trip to see in person the new scam in the little old town of Prescott, Arizona.
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The people of Prescott should rise up and put an end to this scam that lines the pockets of international business men.

The photo radar fraud is nothing more than a tax on the people that takes food off the tables of hard working families.

However, if you do not want to rise up I'm sure you don't need that money and CEO Karen Finley at Redflex/ATS has to make a payment on her new Ferrari. Make sure you call and tell her she is welcome!
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Karen Finley says, “It's very humbling to be involved with a company that saves lives.” If Redflex is so concerned about safety, it could use its influence to help in other ways.
Here's a suggestion: In some areas of Mexico, before the traffic light turns red, the light not only turns yellow but also blinks a few times, so there is time to respond. I believe if we changed our traffic signal lights to this type of setup, fewer law-abiding citizens would be caught by short-timed yellow lights suddenly turning red, and be able to stop. This would cut down on accidents and many of these $160 scam tickets being mailed.
Isn't this what Redflex wants for us, fewer accidents and more lives saved? Or is its goal more tickets delivered?
Am I the only one who feels like I am playing musical chairs whenever I am about 30 feet from a red-light camera intersection?
Is Redflex humble enough to cover the cost for someone who stops suddenly to avoid that red-light ticket, gets rear-ended, suffers major injuries and whose car is totaled?
Stop the cash-cow gorilla before it gets any bigger and shows up in a city near you!
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