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Rep. John SShadegg no show to the debate

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Photos and report (at bottom) from David at
 The reception committee at the entrance to the event:

Jeanie and Laura, Powell and Ed stake out either side of the entrance.
And across the street from the entrance video taping and holding signs of their own, Donna and Ernie.
This was at rush hour and a traffic restriction narrowed three lanes down to two right next to us making a very nice slowing in traffic to read our signs.  Anyone coming to the event got a dose. Some supportive horn honks from passing vehicles, and some fingers.
Inside, the panelists waited, and waited for good king Shadegg (or as we spell it SShadegg) to arrive, fresh from his nationalizing our economy to debate his opponents and answer some questions from the peasants.

The empty seat is SShadegg, with his Democratic challenger Bob Lord wondering "Where's John?"  And our good friend Michael Shoen on the end wondering how he ever got talked into showing up at a police station.
 Finally the incumbent arrived.
Sorry, I am told that is an empty cup, not the candidate. They both have so much in common.
I am told this is what he looks like, so if you see this man (I think the one on the left) tell him he promised to debate Mr. Lord.  Did he vanish because he heard Mr. Shoen was being allowed into the debate at the last minute? Yup, pretty much. I heard Michael talk economics the previous night, and he would have had Shadegg's butt in a sling.
For a report from David who was covering the event as press:
Lord showed up, answered one question, and left before SShaddeg showed up 25+ minutes late, answered a couple questions, and left.

No debate.

The empty seat says it all.

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Comment by Ducati Jeanne
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The Phoenix RON PAUL R3volution were out in force last night doing a street action in front of a town hall meeting. We were also inside the event. The Republican incumbent,Mr. Shadegg, one of the four Congressmen from AZ who sold out AZ in the bailout scam was scheduled to debate with the Democrat and Libertarian running for his seat in our District. Mr. Shadegg arrived way after dark, 25 minutes late, most everyone had left by the time he showed up. However, We hit him up. We were there! We made our presence known on the street and inside the event.
Let it not be said that we did nothing.
Next Monday night we will attend the next function.

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