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RON PAUL 4409 -- Redflex / ATS wages war on We the People!

Written by Subject: Camera Fraud

Redflex / ATS and your government have decided to wage war on We the People.
They are blatently stealing the labor of hard working Americans using an act of covert fraud (photo radar). YOU know it and I know it!
Make no mistake about it we own the roads and they were built with YOUR tax dollars. You NEVER gave a private quasi government corporation authority to put the cameras on the ground in the first place.
Whats next???? I will tell you it's going to be toll roads. This is not a joke THEY ARE COMING. Look up Arizona Revised Statutes SB1420...Don't say that I never warned you.

Either this is America or it's not. We need to get this question answered right NOW.

If it is America then this scam fraud photo enforcement must be stopped NOW its unconstitutional and is getting out of control.

I don't mean stopped with some stupid petition or ridiculous ballot measure because they will just rigg the vote. If Ron Paul can be rigged out of an election a ballot measure is a piece of cake!

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