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You Can Go Home Again

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Albert Einstein said, Insanity: doing the same thing over and over again and expecting different results.”

They boiled us too fast over the last fifteen or so years. Now, most Americans realize that despite the rhetoric they are not free; a rhetoric that sold growing restrictions on us as freedom has stopped working. Us frogs, paddling around in the pot, the water growing ever hotter, figured it out.

Even mainstream Americans have finally noticed. Gun sales are up sharply.

A vocal minority has been working diligently over the last many years, but none of their efforts over that time have even slowed down the growth of government and the erosion of our rights. And despite the insight above, provided by that very intelligent individual, we are doing the same thing repeatedly and hoping that this time it will work. It is time to change our approach.

Freedom is natural. Government is not.

Nothing about human culture is natural. Let me repeat that. Nothing about human culture is natural. Natural behavior and natural attributes are common to all Homo Sapiens. List the number of identical cultural tools we all share. None.

Ideas are the basis of all human tools. That is true for a cutting blade and true for a monetary system. It is true of gathering and grinding grain; of using fiber to weave cloth; it is true of the Constitution and the Common Law. They began as ideas. What worked was improved. What did not work was discarded.

Remember that because we will go over it again. Keep what works. Dump what does not work.

The idea of money is less than 4,000 years old. The cutting blade is naturally far older.

Both were intended to improve the human condition, ensuring that babies prospered and that the tribe continued.

Only recently have we been wealthy enough to continue to use really bad ideas over and over again. Our monetary system does not work. Tremendous effort and rhetoric has been expended to persuade us it is indispensable.

Accepting rhetoric in the place of reality is only possible when you do not have the immediate test of trying the blade and finding it does not cut the haunch. Somewhere along the way we lost sight of what the words mean.

This is a very important word. Freedom

Freedom is not granted by government, not our government, not any government. Freedom, noticed by Thomas Jefferson, is the natural state to which we are born and as God made us.

Our Founders took their faith seriously. But they were already engaged in war when the Declaration was written in 1776, The Founders immediate attention was on the kind of government they would create and the principles on which it would stand. For them there was no contradiction.

Individual rights. Our natural and spiritual sovereignty. These are the foundation on which America as a nation stands. If you are a Christian you know that Christ called us into Community with Him; By our own individual acceptance and His Gift we become One through Him. To accomplish that we must become a community here in America. Real community is founded on our individual freedom, our right to decide for ourselves.

Freedom is not one thing, it is everything, touching us and beckoning us from all parts of our being. .

Freedom is the precondition to your survival. If you cannot act in your own interests you could well starve or become the dinner of some member of another species. Freedom is your right to run from the bear, gather berries, protect your home, and decide for yourself how you will spend your life.

The blandishments of rhetoric sold us on ideas that logically lead to serfdoms in many forms. Americans rejected the enticements of monarchs and their ilk, embracing their natural condition of freedom.

The Declaration of Independence mentioned no social contracts; I, for one, never signed one and would view with suspicion anyone who tried to foist one on me. Government was and is a tool. The Founders saw it as such or would not have made this our Mission Statement.

Prudence, indeed, will dictate that Governments long established should not be changed for light and transient causes; and accordingly all experience hath shewn that mankind are more disposed to suffer, while evils are sufferable than to right themselves by abolishing the forms to which they are accustomed. But when a long train of abuses and usurpations, pursuing invariably the same Object evinces a design to reduce them under absolute Despotism, it is their right, it is their duty, to throw off such Government, and to provide new Guards for their future security.”

I repeat: Government is a tool. This government works as well as keeping a bear in the house to eat your garbage. When it gets big enough it eats you, too.

The last two centuries have provided data we need to consider.

This government has proven conclusively that it is not a good tool for very many things.

The Revolution worked because the people who carried it out were used to governing themselves from small townships and there was a critical percentage of the population who agreed on the Mission Statement for America. They accomplished their goals through the Committees of Correspondence. They attended town meetings, discussed what needed to be done and made sure it happened. They had grown up seeing adults handle their own conflicts using Common Law. They saw and participated in Common Law Juries, passing judgment on both fact and law. They protected themselves using their own local cooperatives called Committees of Safety. They kept government small, local and directly under the control of the people. They were a people who governed themselves.

What works is direct government by the people at the local level for those few things we have government handle.

The original Constitution and the Bill of Rights were written to limit what Federal government could do, not us. Our Founders clearly felt that the Federal government they were building needed to be limited, not the rights of the people. They were familiar with people who successfully handled their own, local governments.


To establish a people who govern themselves you need a people who first free themselves.

If you want an oak tree start with an acorn; you will never persuade an acorn to become a orchid plant. If you want to be free then ignore the distractions of federal politics. Go home to your community; take control of the government there and take back your freedom.

Take Back Your County – The Agenda

Understand the Common Law

Ensure that your Sheriff will uphold the Constitution

Take Judges and other Officials out of Office who fail to uphold the Constitution

Place Elections in the hands of the people

Ensure that your local government carries out only those jobs you, the people, determine it should undertake.

And take back the commerce of your county as well.

1. Cutting Off GridCorps

Mortgages – Get out of them and keep your home

Credit Cards – Dump the debt.

2. Local Barter/Trade System – Try Fourth Corner Exchange

3. Localizing Commerce

4. Energy Alternatives

5. Food Production

6. Health Alternatives

7. Wireless local networks

8. Alternative comm systems

9. Alternative Media

The County is the smallest Constitutional unit. One of the systemic glitches overlooked by our Founders was the size of the county. As we take them back we need to make the size smaller so that the people can keep an eye on what is happening. Steps 1. and 2. can be carried out simultaneously.

Remember what Einstein said. He was a very intelligent man. Remember another Man who died for us 2,000 years ago. He also wanted you to realize the freedom that is His Father's gift to you.

Remember, and go home to the real America.


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Comment by Veritas Vincit
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No! We *NEED* a government to rule every aspect of our lives from who we should reproduce with to when we should voluntarily turn ourselves in for termination. Government is required on a planet of over 6 billion biological units. A massive centralized government will direct what is necessary to keep us entertained, fed, and directed into how we can be the most economically productive members of the World Community. This is the Change that Obama is offering us tomorrow! Imagine a world in which chaos reigns and we have to think for ourselves!! What a nightmare that would be! Turn to Messiah Obama and find Change! Be secure in your homes as long as the government is watching you! Know that nothing can go wrong as long as Big Government is in control. Listen to the seductive words of our Leader, Obama and obey!

The author of this story is one of the last of her kind. Let her be in peace. These people will not bother you in the future to come.

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