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(Just a quick note from the Publisher)
By the end of this coming weekend we will be demonstrating the next major upgrade of FreedomsPhoenix as a liberty tool. You may have noticed some of the cosmetic changes but there is much much more to come. December 15th has been our target date to coincide with the birthday of the Bill of Rights and several events that we plan to be a part of on that day (new artwork distributed etc.). We'll have more details for you then, but you WILL be impressed! For the balance of December we will be asking your help in the testing of the site and the new features and hope to have all of the bugs worked out by the end of the year.
We have been working on our reader's suggestions for months and have incorporated them into the new features. But we had to finish a lot of foundational stuff before we got to some of the more cosmetic upgrades (Yes,... we will provide a larger version of the graphics to be accessed when requested, by the end of the year :)
By the end of the weekend I hope to have several articles submitted by our talented editors and columnists that will include no hedging future predictions of what is likely to be attempted by the "Bad Guys".
FreedomsPhoenix editors are working on what is likely in store for the country and the world's economy now. And I encourage everyone to participate. You can write "Letters to the Editor", "Be a Reporter", or become an Editor yourself (Letters to the Editor is a great way to audition for this level of access).
I am of the opinion that the idea of 'Debt is Money' will be brought to a new high when the Federal Reserve uses whatever financial instrument (new, old, renamed, whatever) to consolidate all debt into something that will then be taken over by their "auditors" to create the new world currency. The States, Corporations, Banks and most individuals will BEG for this to occur and will be convinced that they have no choice but to submit to the idea of a world currency and eventually a world government.
I am of the opinion that this will happen much faster than most think and I wanted FreedomsPhoenix readers to help in the accumulation of the information ('cause you are a very smart and informed group).
Those that think I am wrong won't have long to wait because I am convinced that this will happen before the end of the next legislative sessions of the individual states here in the USA. But the full court press will start immediately (before the end of January) for the State Governments to "fix" their budgets one way or the other. And Sovereignty and Freedom aren’t even a consideration.
When the Bank of International Settlements popped up on the scene stating that after Bush leaves office they are going to do an audit of the Federal Reserve I thought... then what???
What if... The end goal is to have a world currency (with a world government to go along with it for grins and giggles), then what would need to happen? Collectivization is what.

Arizona's budget is in the worst condition (ratio to size of budget) and will be a great example to the rest of the planet. FreedomsPhoenix has been documenting (all in our archives) the fall of the Empire. By detailing national and world events, and the impact that they have on individuals, we have been able to help newly awakened individuals to what is happening and how best to survive what is coming, without resigning to the idea that their only option is to step into their assigned cattle car.
We'll share more soon. But for now, I hope you'll participate in researching the issue of who/what will be the actual "printer" of the 'new money'. I have a pretty good idea, but I am much more interested in the day by day domino of events that will take us from NOW to THEN (the new currency). Also pay attention to Bugs in our upgrades and communicate them to us.

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