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LewRockwell Today - 12-21-2008

Written by Subject: Economy - Economics USA
Weekend Edition, December 20-21, 2008
The Fed-Bankster Rip-Off
A rare Murray Rothbard crime guide to the early years (pdf).
Join the Fight
Join the Mises Institute.
The Euthanizing State
Mike Rozeff on state medicine.
Made-Off With Billions
Karen Kwiatkowski on Ponzi schemes.
Can the US Keep Its Afghan Colony?
Nope, says Pat Buchanan.
Madoff and the Abject Failure of the SEC
Briggs Armstrong on inevitable state incompetence and corruption.
The Empire's Depression
Welcome to the New Era. Article by Justin Raimondo.
Newspapers Are Going the Way of the Slide Rule
Appropriately enough. Article by Jack Shafer.
The Scientific Guide to Gift-Wrapping
A helicopter, for example.
Cheap Party
The best budget drinks.
NASA Didn't Lose the Space Spider
They just can't find it.

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