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2019-11-13 14:50
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Entered by: chris gill 44695
another bogus law suit who's main purpose is to harass the gun company. last I saw there were no stipulations on the guns the 2nd amendment referred to. Also did the shooter see any commercial the company put out and did he even notice the brand of gun used in the games? Did he even play the game? Hope Winchester can recoup the money they spend defending themselves.from the very people who are suing.
2019-11-13 09:37
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Entered by: ppmSilver 58293
How about tiers for the bank run participants based on how much is withdrawn? The highest level could be closing an account with a big bank.
2019-11-13 04:22
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Entered by: PureTrust 10621
Anybody can sue anybody. A "2005 federal law preventing most lawsuits against firearms manufacturers when their products are used in crimes," can easily be bypassed if the suit is done properly. There is no need for a Supreme Court ruling on it. In fact, the SC has nothing to do with it except that someone asked them to rule on it. And since they ruled, that's as far as it goes. They don't have anything else to do with it until someone asks them again. Amendments 6 & 7 show that it is the jury that rules, provided the suit asks for a jury ruling.