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Comment by Dave Hodges
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I want to congratulate Ernie Hancock and Sen. Karen Johnson for putting aside partisan politics and merging their interests on this issue on behalf of our State and our country. I wholeheartedly support Sen. Johnson's notions in her opposition to such governmental overlays as the NAU.

This next Spring, my national party, The Constitution Party, will be launching voter drive to make our State party ballot eligible in 2008. The leadership of our State party believe strongly in our principals and are very loyal to out party. However, in the spirit of Johnson and Hancock, our party loyalty does not extend beyond our sense of patriotism and duty to preserve our Republic. I am calling on more like-minded Americans to stand with Hancock and Johnson in their noble efforts to preserve what we have left of our Constitution and our way of life while we still can.

Over the past several months, I have been contacted by several Arizona politicians who have expressed an interest in our emerging political party. I am certain that the Libertarians have also experienced the same level of interest. The one thing that keeps our politicians from leaving the two party system, which is obviously broken, is that they are afraid to lose the support (mostly financial) from their party. The marriage between party affiliation and our political leadership is destroying our country becaue both parties are controlled by the same monied interests. My question to all politicians is: What good will your party do you when American is no longer America? It is time for American polticians of every stripe to say enough is enough and represent their constitutents; not the self-serving leaders of their respective parties. Hancock and Johnson get it. What about the rest of you?

Dave Hodges
State Party Chair
Constitution Party of Arizona

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