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Comment by Fascist Nation
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The worm turns.

This represents a well coordinated—or a fortuitous—attack in which one car shows up and explodes. US soldiers pour out of their fortified positions to help their comrades on guard, or potentially repel an assault when a second car pulls up and detonates taking out a large number of our now exposed troops.

Simultaneously, small arms fire starts to pour into their positions. Well planned and coordinated indeed. These battle hardened resistance fighters are learning and reacting ... this is why the US body count in Vietnam started to go up in the latter parts of that war. The worm has turned.

Next time expect these groups to correctly predict where support and evac helicopters will land and be lying in wait with either RPGs or pre-positioned charges or suicide bombers to take them out.

When we are finally forced to leave, it will look all the worse for us. Limp, powerless, toothless, whipped ... talk about a strategic disaster. Support our troops ... bring them home NOW!!!!

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