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Improvised Explosive Devices , the technology and materials to construct the current generation of such devices our boys are getting hit by. You don't need to go to Iran when the Internet will do just fine. (Solution: stop occupying foreign lands...)   (Publisher: I just did a phone interview with a London reporter (4pm Az Time 07-17-2009) that was very interested in this article. I recorded it and will be playing it on my radio show Monday morning :)

I'll include the MP3 here in this article.... for you, 'cause I'm a nice guy :)

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Comment by Powell Gammill
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He might have been even more interested if half the images weren't broken. 

Comment by Richard Ramos
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 not just the pictures, all the links, even the youtube video... smells funny....

Comment by Chip Saunders
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 Although I chose to be anonymous at the time, I hereby reveal that I am the author of the article.


I believe I still have most of the images used in the article stored on my hard drive somewhere and will try to retrieve them so they can be re-inserted. I can vouch that at the time of the article's creation (2006?) all the links were live and worked. Perhaps the alphabet soup boys think that by eliminating these links they can bar access to this knowledge? Who knows.

Anyone with a desire to know more may feel free to contact me.

Comment by Chris Smith
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Well, though your piece contains some good technical info, it appears you premised your article incorrectly.  To claim that Iraq insurgents need Iran to supply them with the technical knowledge of how to make IEDs would be absurd; you're absolutely right, the internet will suffice for that just fine.  The issue isn't a lack of intellectual supplies; it's a lack of physical supplies: electrical components, homemade explosive precursors, etc.  I am an IED defeat instructor for the USMC and can tell you, retracing components and precursors through their supply routes to their points of origin takes place consistently.  The US has teams of folks who do nothing other than work to defeat the network that allows IEDs to be produced and placed in the ground.  The obvious lack of tangible intelligence on your side makes arguing with you futile; just know, for the same reason Obama hasn’t pulled out of Iraq, you’re completely wrong in attempting to characterize a statement made by Bush regarding Iran and IEDs as audacious: you don’t know what you don’t know.  Certain pieces of information, once revealed, can be eye opening; unfortunately for you, it will be years before you’re privy to such information, unlike President Obama.

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