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The MSM response? Ignore Ron Paul, but report on Giuliani's couragoeous interuption. Don't believe me, read for yourself:


Congressional Quarterly


(did include Ron Paul comment out of context)


New York Times

Taken from the Washington PostChris Cillizzi's spin:


Rudy Giuliani: The former New York City Mayor had nowhere to go but up after his showing in the first debate earlier this month when he struggled to answer questions concerning his position on abortion -- a failure that led to a renewed scrutiny of where he stands on the issue. But even with those lowered expectations, Giuliani stood out. Debates are all about definining moments, and Giuliani delivered the most memorable one of the early campaign season. Following a comment by Rep. Ron Paul (Texas) that insinuated the United States had provoked terrorists into launching the Sept. 11 attacks, a visibly angry Giuliani interrupted to question that "extraordinary statement" and asked Paul to recant it. An eruption of applause followed. It was a rare moment of genuine emotion amid the heavily scripted answers offered during much of the debate, and it stood out. Giuliani also found his footing on abortion, focusing on his desire to reduce the frequency of the procedure and pointing to his successes in New York City at doing just that. Abortion will never be a winner for Giuliani in these debates, but he effectively neutralized it for a night. [sic- He provided a link to the Washington Post video clip that started my "editorial." Deliberate propoganda to prop up Rudy:-D]


Ron Paul: Paul's straight-talking nature won him some kudos from folks following the first debate. But he strayed into very dangerous waters last night with what sounded to many like a suggestion that America had provoked the attacks of Sept. 11, 2001. "They attack us because we've been over there," Paul said. "We've been bombing Iraq for 10 years." Giuliani demanded that Paul rescind his comment, which he refused to do. Say what you will about Paul, but the suggestion that America is to blame for Sept. 11 is simply not a winning position in a presidential race, no matter what party you represent. Any good he did for his candidacy in the first debate was immediately erased with those comments last night.

[Powell -- Based upon online polling, they just don't get it ... or they hope it goes away.]

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