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Comment by Jerry Alexander
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It`s very easy for one to have an IQ to high for police work.The disqualification mark is in the Low 100s.
How often does anyone see a cop outside of their little world?Not very often.They are not ever part of the neighborhood..outside of the job they do.
Cops will do anything they are told to do and often violate their oath and violate the Constitution.They are not honest people.They are incapable of independent thought.
Beware of the Police,keep you guns near by,locked and loaded.The will KILL YOU,if told to.
Now they can even taser children..what kind of person would do such a thing......A COP THAT WAS TOLD TO,that`s who.

Comment by William Shaw
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Welcome to the new Hitler SS.
The cop that does this act,should be subjected to the same treatment along with his loved ones.
Tasers should be outlawed, for they are a threat to those who have pace makers, and they are not wearing a warning sign.
This nothing less than cruel and unusual TORTURE .

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