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Comment by Neighbor Beast
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Well, this can all be verified. Get yourself an 11 inch or bigger scope with a fast readout camera that uses USB 2.0 or better tata thruput. The mount, scope and cam will start out ~4 - 5 kilo-bucks US.
As for the CH-47 taking 'photos'. It's broad daylight! YOU DON"T NEED A FLASH! A flash could not even cover the subject with enough light from that distance if one were needed! Any half baked IR cam from the 80's could capture his image day or night.

I've seen a lot of satellites in my time. I've tracked NOSS clusters, and recovered disbanded VELA sats from the 1950's. Lot's of people are doing this and getting some awsome results. I also suggues the see-sat group on technical help in doing this. Is this all true? Go out and find out for yourself!

Comment by Bruce Barton
Entered on: or Google up Key Hole-12 satellite, because that's what many of those images are of KH-12 or higher. The higher in the KH series do have stealth capabilities - except to visual - which explains why you can photograph them. Some are being repositioned to enhance the surveillance capabilities of Homeland Security (note: the department has received permission to use the sky eyes on Americans).

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