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Comment by Brock Lorber
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If only one could grasp a train of thought where party loyalty and, indeed, government politics ceased to exist. Such a train of thought, I would imagine, would view individual actors as, well, individual actors and conceive a framework of mutually agreed-upon rules where sycophants and outlaws would be treated as, well, sycophants and outlaws.

Of course, for everyone to agree upon the same set of rules would be absurd. I would suppose that each man or woman would have to take it upon themselves to vet each contract they entered into and jealously guard their reputation as an honest broker.

There could, I suppose, be some unilateral declaration along the lines of "I will not initiate force or fraud" which could possibly win that person favor with any ad-hoc courts to which they may avail themselves. In fact, it might even be possible that persons who made such a declaration would only contract with others who have made and demonstrated adherence to similar declarations or else attach an appropriate risk premium to their contracts.

That train of thought, though, would be dangerous in that it would leave sycophants and non-productive members of society with no choice but to produce to a level commiserate with their desire to live. Since we know that certain members of society cannot produce, period, and that others would choose lawlessness rather than honest dealings, we must conscript the sycophants to devise a one-size-fits-all solution that will restrain common man such that he cannot rise too far above the least productive.

Following the prior train of thought will just lead to anarchy.

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