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Comment by Dave Hodges
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I never thought I would see the day when so many, including myself, would be predicting the collapse of our economy and resulting revolution. The sell off of our public assets is well underway (eg the Trans Texas Corridor and King Juan), but this is just the tip of the iceberg. I totally agree that the empire is finished and the rest of us are merely positioning ourselves to get the gangster banksters**Q** leftovers

Dave Hodges

Comment by Powell Gammill
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Ahhhh Dave, you are soooo inspirational. I remembered a story about bank robberies on the rise. And that led me to the best bank robber of them all:

The Legendary Willie Sutton

Which also led me to this, The Willie Sutton Financial Disclosure Statement (for political office holders and applicants).

Comment by Chris Kaiser
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You are pouring my heart out! I**Q**ve been trying to explain to people in my area that every bailout and new obligation puts inflationary pressure on the dollar that will be paid back in the inflation tax. How high that **Q**tax**Q** becomes depends on when our printing press shenanigans finally become too much for our foreign creditors to take. When they begin to dump dollars en masse, the jig is up.

As a side note, I**Q**ve been trying to equate how our foreign debt situation is a twist on the **Q**Prisoner**Q**s Dilema**Q**. (See:**Q**s_dilemma)

Our foreign creditors hold significant amount of U.S. dollars. When they see us inflate our money, they shake their heads but - they can**Q**t begin to dump their holdings because to do so would cause the value of the dollar to plummet. So they stand pat and hope we don**Q**t screw things up too badly. They also continue to loan us more when our short term debt comes due - because again, to refuse to loan us more would cause the dollar to plummet and cause their U.S. dollar holdings to plummet in value.

The game theory comes into play when you realize that each of the major holders of U.S. dollars is in the same position (U.K., Japan, China, OPEC nations cheifly.) Whoever can dump their dollars first, and with little fanfare, gets to cash out before the price plummets. If they wait until one of the other nations unloads, it will be too late. For each of them, it is in their own best interest to dump their holdings first.

As the global recession worsens, look for one of them (OPEC I suspect, due to falling oil prices) to begin the process of dumping dollars, and the other nations to follow quickly. That will be the signal that hyperinflation has begun.

Comment by Ernest Hancock
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I**Q**m certain a **QQ**Deal**QQ** (cooperation) has already been accomplished (Bad guys to Bad Guys,... if it holds. Big bad ass armies help) )

The population of the planet is only given the **QQ**illusion of choice**QQ**. Voting, working, **Q**owning**Q** property seems to **Q**feed the beast**Q** with the one thing it desires most of all,... credibility.

The Game is played on a much larger board than most realize. The advocacy of principled behavior that rewards all (non-initiation of force) isn**Q**t very appealing to Bad Guys that believe that they benefit from betraying their neighbors. But life has its own justice. History is full of examples.

The weak are consumed by mind induced physiological ailments for taking advantage of another**Q**s good nature. The less remorseful betrayers eventually produce bullets, ropes and guillotines with their names on them.

What goes around comes around,... that why it**Q**s called REVOLUTION.

Comment by David McElroy
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 Right on, Ernie!

 Any reasonably well-educated person with a rational mind and a heartfelt conscience will become a libertarian eventually. Those lacking conscience, like psychopaths, become predators like Democrats, Republicans, and other sorts of fascists like Lenin, Hitler, Stalin, Mao, and David ben Gurion, Castro, etc.

 The jig is up in America. The conmen have played their game to the end and swindled the whole country in a world-class embezzlement that has us reeling. They have cooked the books so far into cyberspace that they can no longer paper over the reality of their crimes in ruining us.  It was all part of the plan Lenin spelled out so long ago, saying that establishing a central bank to destroy currency and extract wealth was 90% of the socialist agenda.

 We are dead on paper in this evil system Bernanke chairs. But we still have beating hearts, thinking minds, and moving muscles!  Many yet trust the God of Creation, Truth, Justice, and Liberty for All, and guns! Will we ever find the backbone to overthrow the moneychangers' tables like Christ? Will we confront the monstrous amoral Mammon worship that has led us by the nose to slaughter and destroyed the future of our children?  Live free or die.... that is your choice. The battle is joined. Time will tell where you stand, or fall.

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